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   Chapter 199 The Place That Should Have Belonged To Her

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Mary nodded and said meaningfully, "Of course, we are all members of the Bai family." She stared closely at Violet, seeming to expect something.

Violet was stunned. She should have thought about that. She should have visited her grandfather on the day they met in the hospital. But then she met Laura and had misunderstood everything.

"Nothing. It's what I should do." Violet dared not ask for credit. Besides, it was her business.

She just didn't know if Laura had told Mary what happened in the hospital. Maybe she would also feel ashamed if she did.

For her modesty, Mary smiled and said meaningfully, "I heard that it was someone else who took care of Grandpa. Did you ask him to take care of Grandpa yourself?" Her words sounded like discrimination, making people feel very uncomfortable. No matter how Violet answered, it seemed very awkward. So she said vaguely, "Maybe it's fate. I didn't know chief is your grandpa." She wouldn't have done that if she had known it. She didn't want to have anything to do with Mary.

But Mary didn't seem to mind, she explained, "Grandpa often talked about you after he was discharged from hospital. By the way, he will come today. He must be very happy to see you. "

After a pause, she suddenly thought of something and said happily, "He should be in the lounge now. Do you want to see him with me?"

Although she couldn't believe what Mary said, she had to make a choice because she missed grandpa so much. Violet looked at Terence, not knowing what to do.

Seeing her hesitation, Terence said, "I'll go with you."

No matter what her opinions of Violet were, she felt secured to have Terence around.

Mary was not a big deal for her, anyway, she didn't have any other ideas.

When she entered the lounge, she was surprised to see so many people in the room. They were all Bai family. They sat around Parsons and seemed to discuss something. Luckily, she was not alone. Otherwise, she would have been in danger.

"Hello, eve

onfused people. But the Bai family also knew that they couldn't afford to offend Violet.

Upon hearing the news, Laura, who was wearing a white gauze skirt, appeared less charming and more overbearing today. Standing beside Terence, the two people were well matched and harmonious.

"Grandpa, the party is about to start. Let me help you out." Laura said softly. Of course, she saw Violet who stayed with Parsons. If Violet was jealous that she stood beside Terence, she would be more jealous that she was liked by Parsons.

All the kids in the Bai family knew that Parsons didn't like to be close to others, so they had got used to it. But when she thought of Violet, it seemed that she didn't do anything, but grandpa liked her. After all, she was not a member of the Bai family. This made everyone feel incredibly puzzled.

Laura had hidden her feelings so well that even though she was jealous, her face was full of tenderness. With the support of Laura and Violet, Parsons walked downstairs slowly. At this moment, someone looked at Violet with sharp eyes.

It was Mary.

Laura had always been better than Mary in every aspect. Therefore, it was natural for Mary to be jealous of Parsons since Parsons adored Laura so much.

But the other side of Parsons, which should belong to her, was now occupied by Violet.

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