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   Chapter 195 The Flooding Of Gossip

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"You... You don't deserve to be her husband! " He roared, as if to let everyone see the true face of Terence. Unfortunately, everyone present was stupid, and none of them dared to listen to the gossip of Terence.

Since Kevin was under control, everyone irrelevant to the matter was gone. In their eyes, Terence had a terrible impression. No one wanted to make him unhappy.

"I don't deserve it? Do you deserve it?" Terence was interested in his words so he answered Kevin casually.

'An innocent rabbit is not afraid a tiger'. Kevin did everything out of his passion. His anger still echoed in the room.

"It's none of your business whether I deserve her or not. You have a wife yet you are hanging out with other women. Don't you know she will be sad if she knows about it?" Since Violet didn't show up, of course he wouldn't expose her. He would like to do anything to make them get back together.

It was a pity that even though the selfless Kevin was actually a jerk who was trying to steal his wife in the eyes of Terence. His wife should not be thought of or protected by anyone else. Terence believed that the things he gave to Violet must be the best.

He was not in the mood to go on. It was kind of him to have so much to say.

"So you'd better keep your mouth shut." His threat was bare and terrible, and he also believed that only the dead could shut up.

Kevin didn't know how sinister the current plan would be to him, so he was still provoking.

Annus rushed into the room from outside. He gave a glare to Kevin and said with respect, "President Gu." He didn't say anything else except greeting him. However, they had a tacit understanding for a long time. Even though he didn't say a word, Terence knew everything.

Kevin is the brother of Annus, even though Annus hated the An family and didn't had a good feeling of Kevin. But how could he bear to hurt his own brother?

Annus had been with Terence for a long time. Only a glance from him could make Terence give up everything.

"Throw them out." He waved his hand.

The two men drove Kevin out of the room and blocked at the gate in case he disturbed Terence again. Kevin tidied his clo

, she felt something wrong. Everyone looked at her with evasive eyes. She had once experienced such a wonderful feeling, and she instantly thought of something.

After she entered 'Terence' online, a report about 'the two men fought over escort girl' came out.

So it was obvious why the people in the hospital avoided her. They were afraid that she was 'tired' by Terence at this moment and there must be a lot of discussion behind. According to the experience, she didn't take it seriously this time. People were always making groundless accusations. Only the people involved knew the truth.

In the picture, Terence's face was dim, but Kevin's face was extremely clear. Perhaps they were just being photographed in secret, and there were many blurry scenes, but they were obviously fighting. Even though Violet had expected it, she couldn't help feeling excited when she saw the scene of Terence fighting against Kevin.

Did not Annus had told her that Terence went to bed early because he was drunk? He even couldn't go back home. How could he fight with Kevin? She felt lucky that she hadn't gone into the room. Otherwise, she might not be able to bear it.

It occurred to Violet the time when she met Kevin. He might be walking into 'Star Flag Club'

after she left. Violet didn't believe a single word of 'two men fight for a woman'. That was not because she trusted Terence, but because she trusted Kevin. Especially when Sheryl was around.

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