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   Chapter 194 Clumsy Lies

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Unfortunately, she was even afraid of the accuracy of such a presentiment. The last time she had such feeling was when she broke up with Evan.

A force suddenly emerged from her body and forced her to leave the room immediately.

Spring was supposed to be a warm, but outside the house, the north wind was blowing. Violet was shivering in the cold wind, but her heart was colder than her body.

Seeing the words 'Star Flag Club' getting closer to her eyes, the force in her heart suddenly disappeared. She suddenly realized what she was doing?

If Annus was telling the truth, she might not know what to do if she went in without permission. But if what Annus said was not true, what could she do if she went it? Would she create a disturbance with the identity of being his wife? She was afraid that everyone would consider her as a cheap girl even if Terence didn't hate her.

Going in or not was meaningless to her. She had seen through all these, what was she doing now?

Violet shook her head and forced herself to stop thinking about those scenes on the video disc. Whether Terence was a good man or a bad one, it had nothing to do with her.

"Violet, why are you here?" Kevin was walking towards her all of a sudden. Seeing her in thin clothes, he took off his coat in a hurry and put it on her.

Violet's lips turned blue with cold, but she didn't feel it at all. She didn't feel cold until his warm coat was over her shoulder.

In the face of Kevin's question, Violet had too much to talk, but she actually only said, "I have an appointment to go shopping with my friend. Perhaps I came too late and she left." Violet told a serious lie and forced a smile.

Kevin gave a glance at the Star Flag Club, which shone with warm light in a sharp contrast to the woman in front of him. Why did she wear such thin clothes if she had an appointment with her friend to go shopping? It seemed that she didn't even have time to put on her coat before she rushed there. He knew that Violet seldom went out at night, let alone go sho

Actually, he didn't know that it was easy to get in Terence's villa. Especially those who didn't know the secret of the villa could only be sent in alive and went out dead.

"Terence, don't you feel ashamed of your wife by drinking and playing with women here?" Though being raised by two men, Kevin was going to explode in any way regardless of his aching wrist. With her back appearing in front of him, he didn't know if Violet had seen anything. Maybe she didn't, or with the personality of Terence, he wouldn't allow her to leave alone.

Thinking of the helplessness in Violet's mind, Kevin was full of the strength of righteousness. Although he had no chance to be Violet's husband, he had to protect her even if they were friends.

Terence sneered and approached him slowly, staring at him.

The target was evident in his eyes. Though he wanted to swing his punch, the two men by his side didn't let him go. Their action ridiculed him. Without any emotion, Terence said in a cold, emotionless voice, "This is between me and my wife. It's none of your business." He didn't allow anyone to covet his wife, even he was accusing him on her behalf. He was well aware of Kevin's mind. He thought he was smart enough, but now it seemed he was wrong.

His undisguised disdain infuriated Kevin. His struggle was still going on, and his defiance never stopped.

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