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   Chapter 193 An Innocent Girl

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Kevin is a cunning man. However, Violet was not a push over.

"Okay, then I'll tell Sheryl that you arranged for her to enter the record company."

She didn't care about it at all, as if she was about to realize it the next moment.

Kevin stopped her. The expression on his face was quite serious. He had always been gloating and swearing at her. But once he looked seriously, he would mean that this matter was important and he took it seriously. Violet looked at him, confused, as if she was just saying it casually.

Kevin did not dare to make joke even though it might be a coincidence, he didn't dare to let Violet talk nonsense about it in front of Sheryl.

"How... How did you know about this?" he asked uneasily. According to the rule of the music competition, the first prize was admitted to a record company. If a runner up could also be admitted to a record company, what was the rule for? Hippo Record Company had chosen Sheryl because he had made great efforts in secret. That was why Mr. Yan said 'again'. The first exception was because of Sheryl and the second one was because of Violet.

But he thought he hadn't told anyone about it except Mr. Yan. Then how did Violet know about it?

Seeing that Kevin no longer talked in a joking way, Violet was shocked. Actually she was just guessing about Kevin arrange Sheryl into Hippo Record. She did not know it for sure. However, Kevin's attitude actually a manifestation of his love for Sheryl. No one cared so much about a girl's words and deeds. If he didn't like her, what else could it be?

Fortunately, she got it right.

"I guessed it," Violet said. However Kevin didn't intend to believe what she had said.

"Your care for Sheryl has been beyond the scope of a normal friend. If I had any doubts before, Mr. Yan's words showed the confirmation to my doubt."

Violet said.

Kevin knew it was Mr. Yan that revealed his intention. He said with his teeth gritted, "I have no feelings for Sheryl. Don't talk nonsense. I just think she is a talented and hard-working girl, so I don't want to waste her talent. " He tried his best to

be. Taking advantage of the business trip of Terence, Violet asked for a leave from the hospital and took time to study.

Every key, even the sound, had to be learned from scratch. She learned it in only half a month. No one knew whether she was very talented or very dedicated. Others might take at least two to three weeks to learn it. Even Sheryl admired her so much that she almost considered her as her teacher.

For other people's appreciation, Violet did not take it seriously. There was still a long way to go.

As expected, Terence came back as scheduled. Violet prepared a full table of dishes, waiting for him to come home. However, it was Annus who called her, not Terence came back in person.

"Mrs. Gu, Mr. Gu just finished his business and got drunk at the Star Flag Club, so I've booked a room for him. He needs to have a rest before going home. Don't worry." Annus's voice was so smooth and calm that it seemed he was well prepared. Violet said a few words to him and then hung up.

The table was full of food. She had no appetite at all.

She didn't know what happened to Terence. After all, he never got drunk when he drank together with Jordan. Although it didn't mean that there was someone with bigger capacity than him, but who dare

to drink with young master Gu in City B? Violet had a very bad feeling, as if something she was trying to seize was disappearing in her fingers.

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