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   Chapter 192 Hippo Record Company

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"Thank you, Lisa. I'll go to find her later. " Though grateful, Kevin had been maintaining a polite distance with her.

Lisa then stepped aside and smiled at Violet.

In the elevator, Violet kept her eyes fixed on Kevin. Feeling uncomfortable being seen by her, Kevin couldn't help asking, "What's wrong?" He didn't think he had offended her.

Instead of blaming him, Violet looked at him with adoring eyes.


The idea occurred to Kevin gave a blow to his head. How could Violet adore him?

"No. I just feel that you are different from before." Violet shook her head and her look on Kevin became more tenderly.

Kevin was confused as he said, "What did I look like in the past?" He didn't think he had changed.

It was

m here." With nobody around, Violet didn't forget to remind him a few words.

If he told this to Annus, Then Terence would know, too. She just wanted to do something belonging to herself quietly. She didn't want Terence to be involved, and she didn't want to ask for other people's opinions either.

Even though he knew what she meant, he threatened her.

"Well, as long as you tell me what happened between you and Terence, I will not tell anyone."

Although Violet had something on her mind, it was bad for her health to hide it. On the other hand, he was thinking that if he helped Terence to keep his wife stable, then maybe Terence would also release Annus.

If Annus had no place to go, would he be able to go back to the An group?

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