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   Chapter 191 Mrs. Gu's Part Time Job

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Terence betrayed their marriage. If they got together for the sake of the child, it was not a good thing for her, the child, and even for Terence. She needed to be strong enough to protect her and her child, only in this way could she be able to tell Terence the truth.

Since Isla went on a honeymoon trip, John was abroad, the only person who could help her was Kevin.

"Why did you ask me out?" Kevin ran over. His tone wore a little sarcasm.

Violet knew she had been wary of Kevin, but she couldn't count on anyone now. Judging from the unique way of Kevin's behavior, he should be able to understand her difficulties.

"Is there anything I can do here?" She requested directly with a sincere look in her eyes.

Kevin stunned, he continued with contempt, "What? You are the wife of Mr. Terence. How could you need a part-time job?" Obviously, he was shocked by Violet's request, and when he realized it, he didn't want her to go well.

Violet knew that he had a problem with her, so she tried her best to beg him in the least way.

"I can't go to the hospital now. If there is anything I can do that could offer me a salary, I would like to take it." She put forward her request clearly. Money was what she valued most.

Actually, Kevin thought Violet was just kidding. According to the extent of Terence's love for her, she didn't have to worry about money at all. Suddenly, he had a bold guess. He couldn't help saying, "Can it be that the Gu group is going to bankrupt?" Only in this way would Violet do such a thing.

But he didn't hear that there was a crisis for the Gu group. He could not help but doubt for his thought. Violet was afraid that he might have some doubts, so she answered frankly, "Terence is on a business trip, so you can rest assured that he won't know anything about your help." She only had half a month to prepare to leave. Her words indirectly indicated that she did not want Terence know this matter.

Although Violet looked calm, there was not much smile on her face. It was a big difference from the past. Actually, the reason why Kevin was into Violet was largely because of her

ven more fashionable. The simple tables, chairs and bench were all showing fashion and elegant. The unique office furnishings made the work even more powerful.

"Mr. Kevin." As soon as they entered the door, a young woman in business suit walked over. The woman smiled with surprise as she looked at Kevin. They seemed to have known each other for a long time.

"Yes, Lisa. Is Mr. Yan there?" nodding his head, Kevin asked.

Judging from his polite attitude, Violet realized that the woman in front of her had knew him not so well.

Though he acted like a play boy, Violet understood his intention. Kevin had been in charge of the An group for a long time and even didn't hear any gossip, let alone some idle news. So it could be seen that he did not mess around with women as he seemed to.

Now he had been in the entertainment circle, so it was rare for him to be staying aloof. With this in mind, Violet thought highly of him for the first time. Few people could remain royal to his heart in such an environment.

"President Yan is in his office. Sheryl came to the company early in the morning. Do you need me to tell her about your arrival?" Apparently, Lisa was very excited. It could be seen that she was a very sociable woman. Even though she was talking to Kevin, she didn't forget to nod to Violet.

Violet smiled back lightly. She wouldn't be indifferent when others expressed their kindness to her.

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