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   Chapter 184 The Party For The Runner Up

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"What do you know? We are brothers. Both of us have the same father and the same mother. Only those who share the different father or mother would fight both openly and secretly. What's more, I'm not interested in it. I want someone to share my burden." Kevin put on a righteous look, as if he really valued Annus very much.

Violet didn't bother to argue with him, as he seemed so satisfy as long as he had a brother.

"Yes, yes, I don't understand. What are you doing here? Is it because of the eyes? Do you need a treatment?" Violet said in an attempt to tease him. She would like to see if he felt uncomfortable when she called him as the 'second son of Mr. Stephen'.

But Kevin only paid attention to the second half of what Violet said. He was not angry with her. Instead, he touch his chin as he said, "It seems that my eyes haven't been good recently..."

Violet didn't hear him clearly and was about to ask him when Kevin said, "I'm here to pick you up to the party. Haven't we talked about it?" He frowned, and his eyes were somewhat uncomfortable. Violet didn't care much about it, but she didn't know much about the party.

Right then, her phone rang.

"Sister Violet!" Sheryl's cheerful voice resounded from the other end of the line.

"I won the second!"

Sheryl once told her that she could only enter record company if she won the first place. Now that he got the second place, he was still in high spirits. She probably had a better choice.

"Congratulations, Sheryl."

Violet was really happy for her hard work and she finally got a reward. Sheryl was one step closer to her dream.

The beauty contest was an event among the higher education schools. But the attention from the vast majority of media had naturally informed the public what was going on. Violet had watched several competion of Sheryl on TV. She was a rare quietness in this restless entertainment circle. The judge commented on Sheryl. In addition, Sheryl was a creative singer, so she attracted more people's attention.

"Thank you, Violet. There's a celebration party tonight. I have asked brother Kevin to pick you up. Is he here? " Sheryl'

. If Annus would lose a brother because of this reason, he would regret it more.

The gathering place was noisy, so he had to be close to Violet in order to hear what she said. The warm breath from Violet's mouth blew his spiritual souls. In the dim light, he felt his wife was so charming. It had been a long time since Violet got pregnant, and it was unbelievable for him that they hadn't had sex for such a long time. The breath of Violet triggered the fire of desire in his heart, and when he saw the imploring eyes of his little wife, he only felt that his brain exploded in an instant, and his endurance had exceeded the limit.

Before Violet could react, Terence's lips came close and gave her a fast kiss, which made her blush. Luckily, everyone was immersed in Sheryl's success, and no one noticed them.

Violet thumped him on the chest and turned around to leave. There were so many people here. What if someone saw them!

But Terence didn't take it seriously. He held her hand and wouldn't let her go. Violet was about to throw him away, but she heard him say, "Someone will help Annus. Look over there."

Following his eyes, Violet saw that Sheryl was distribute a piece of cake. And Kevin was helping her. When Kevin took the cake from Sheryl and handed it to Annus, Annus hesitated for a while but finally took it.

Minor changes tended to hide greater ones. Violet was concerned about what Terence said.

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