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   Chapter 183 Business Of Other Family

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Grandpa Bai didn't notice Violet's intention. He just thought Violet was curious and said, "Of course. Although I didn't have much communication with his grandfather, the younger generation had a very close relationship. In current words, they were childhood sweethearts. It's a pity that my disappointing granddaughter has to study abroad. When she came back he is married."

Parsons's words not only could explain the relationship between Terence and Laura, but also implied that their relationship was not that simple. Violet couldn't help wondering if Laura did not study abroad, then she would not have any chance to marry Terrence.

After all, they were a perfect match.

Her silence made Parsons think of something. He couldn't help but ask, "Hey girl, are you jealous of Laura and Terence?" Although it was a question, it was obvious enough that he was sure about that.

"How come?" Violet hurriedly covered her mouth with a smile. But the smile on her face didn't even cover the embarrassment. On the contrary, it made her look more awkward.

Grandpa Bai knew it clearly in his heart, what else could make a person lost in thought except for the things about men? What's more, in his eyes, Terence was also a very excellent man. Even if Terence didn't take the initiative, there was no guarantee that no woman would come to him. But he was confident in his granddaughter. He relentlessly exposed her disguise and kindly said, "How could it be? Although grandpa Bai was old, he didn't grow old in his heart. I know clearly how that boy of the Gu family treats you. And I understand how you feel about that boy."

Although it was only a short time, grandpa Bai had known it clearly through his experience. It was undeniable that Violet loved Terence. And it was rare that Terence was so gentle to her. Especially because of the incident with Violet, he came here in person. Although he was very polite, the meaning was self-evident.

In order to protect his woman, a man was willing to humble himself before others. In grandpa Bai's opinion, such a man deserved to be married. Seeing the confusion on Violet's face, grandpa Bai

ld Terence agree?

Violet was shocked by his change. Because Kevin was not like this in the past.

Kevin felt panic by her angry stare, he muttered in a rather uncomfortable tone, "Ahem, isn't my brother still working for Terence? Even if I don't consider myself, I have to consider for him." Caressing the back of his head, Kevin smiled in an evasive way.

This time, Violet was even more surprised. Even she was surprised when she learned that Annus was Mr. Stephen's son. She couldn't accept that at that moment. How could Kevin accept it so easily? Was there any plot?

It was no wonder that Violet would think so. According to his past performance of careless and arrogant, he was a rebel. How could he accept a brother who ran away from home since childhood? Besides, he didn't respect Annus that much before.

Her distrust made him angry. He said impatiently, "Even if I don't agree, the blood tie can't be changed. Do you know how much I hope that there will be a brother to help me with the heavy burden of the An group Although my brother is too gentle, with my help, the An group can still be handed over to him." Kevin was so gentle that he didn't even notice that when he mentioned Annus.

"Are you willing to give up the An group?" This time, Violet was not only shocked, but also horrified. Shouldn't a rich and powerful family fight for the family property? Why was Kevin so generous to give up on it?

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