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   Chapter 182 Miss Bai Is Here

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In Isla's words, Jordan had nothing to do but to have fun. And if she wanted to go out, she had to be followed by two bodyguards? What was on Jordan's mind?

The words made Violet feel helpless. Isla had forgotten that the baby in her belly was the child of the Luo family. Not to mention Jordan, how could the Luo family feel ease to let her go around alone?

Fortunately, she was so considerate that she didn't care about the gossip. Although they had child before getting married, their lives were still prosperous.

"Violet, Jordan proposed to me and I agreed." Isla's voice sounded cheerful on the other side of the phone. Even though she had said that she would definitely not get married for a thousand times, eventually she could not escape the fate of being a wife.

Violet felt happy for her. As a matter of fact, they had already had their own child, and Jordan was so perfect that she couldn't find any fault with him. It would be strange that Isla would not marry to him.

But she had some doubts since Isla finally accept it.

Isla replied with hesitation but could not make it clear, but she didn't expect that she would reveal another sensational secret.

"We are going to have a wedding trip. So, give your sister a big red envelope, sponsor me." Being unscrupulous on Isla's side, Violet was so scared that she almost could not answer the phone.

A destination wedding?

Could the Luo family agree?

"It's none of my business whether they agree or not. I have booked the air ticket, and Jordan agreed." Isla said casually and she did not forget to remind her, "Hey, don't change the topic. Don't forget the red envelope."

Violet was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. Did Isla know the key point. Besides, how much red pocket money did she lack? If she arranged a banquet, she was afraid that she would pull out all her strength to check the red envelope.

"You called not only for the red envelop, right?" Violet knew her better than anyone else and understood why Isla said that.

Isla, on the other side, blurted out, "The main reason is the red envelope. There is another one."

Violet knew it well that if this young lady did not cause any trouble, she would not have the surname of Gu. Therefore, she did not ask and waited for

was the group leader, and he was in charge of my company. Later I joined in the political circle to establish the state and he stayed in the army. He had worked in the army for a lifetime. We used to interact with each other in the past, but later on, we got older and didn't want to get involved. The younger generation will decide whether to make friends or not. "

In the past, he didn't think it important to make friends with the Gu family. The Gu family had a good development, but it was not comparable to the Bai family. But since he met Violet, grandpa Bai had some regrets. If he could get acquainted with the Gu family, would he know Violet earlier?

He had many grandsons and granddaughters, but none of them could win his heart like Violet did. Although it was a little awkward to admitted, she would spoil him and but would not make him proud too much. He hadn't had the feeling of being cared for a long time.

Therefore, he was not happy when he saw this girl was unhappy.

"It seems that Terence and Laura have known each other for a long time," Violet pretended to ask unintentionally. In fact, this was what she wanted to ask most in her heart. She didn't dare to ask Terence, and she couldn't ask Laura. She could only ask grandpa Bai from a side to relieve herself.

That was how a woman was like. She would care about everything of the man she liked. Even just a glance or a casual act would have a lot of thoughts. She didn't want to do this, but it was all because she loved this man.

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