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   Chapter 180 A Romantic Candlelight Dinner

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The meal once made them use up all their money, so Violet remembered it clearly.

Now that she came to the same place again. Violet didn't know what she was feeling now, but it seemed that everything had returned to normal. All good things or bad things had nothing to do with her.

Just like what she had experienced.

Some people, once missed, would not come back. Once something went away, it would only be left with memory.

"Here?" Violet asked with hesitation.

Terence nodded and opened the door after parking the car. He walked around the car to the side of Violet and opened the door for her gently to make an 'invite' gesture, which seemed considerate.

Violet smiled and put her hand on his, allowing him to pull her into the restaurant.

The place was empty. The exquisite chandelier, the delicate piano sound, as if crystal flowing blue floor, created a romantic atmosphere. The waiter guided the way in a polite manner.

But contrary to the exquisite service, there was no guest in the restaurant at dinner time. This time, violet didn't think it was because of the bad business. Looking at Terence's calm attitude, she then realized that it was probably because he had booked the whole restaurant.

In front of her was a large square table, which was covered with white tablecloth. There were candles in the middle. As Violet sat down, a glass of wine was gently opened and poured into the glass. The dark red color seemed to have some temptation, making people intoxicated with it.

Dishes of delicate Western food were placed on the table, showing elegance and beauty. Judging from the romantic atmosphere, Violet knew that it was probably a romantic dinner with candles prepared by Terence.

What happened next proved her conjecture. With the melodious piano sound, Terence put his suit jacket down on the back of the chair and looked at Violet with a smile.

At this moment, there seemed to be only two people in the world. The lights in the hall became dim as well as some special decoration. Kneeling

their service attitude, but a strange feeling in her hearts. She couldn't get used to this kind of environment.

Instead of answering her question, Terence asked, "Do you know I have booked the whole restaurant?" When did his wife become so smart?

Violet stared at him angrily and said scornfully, "This restaurant is so famous. It's impossible that no one goes there."

It would be ridiculous if she could not think of it!

Terence giggled, which gave Violet a sense of schadenfreude. It reminded Violet of what happened last time and she couldn't help but ask, "Oh, do you mean that you have booked the restaurant last time?"

The food in the restaurant they had last time was delicious and was worth the meal. Logically speaking, there should not be no one.

But Terence smiled even wilder and made no response to her.

His smile inadvertently affirmed her guess, and she ordered him not to book the whole restaurant in the future. She had to give up until he promised repeatedly.

"Today I met Laura at the hospital. We have known each other for a long time," Seeing that Violet was not angry, Terence said slowly. He took a few stealthy glances at Violet and watched her reaction.

Violet's heart skipped a beat. Although she didn't do anything, she felt a great alarm in her heart.

Meanwhile, the food she had just eaten tasted awful.

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