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   Chapter 179 Grey Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

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Seeing that Terence was just smiling at her, Violet's guess was continuing to expand. After getting the nodding of Terence, she finally spoke out with fear.

"Grandpa Bai." She carefully observed the reaction of Parsons. You should know that she was taught to call him Grandpa for a long time.

Parsons's smile became more radiant. He nodded heavily and responded in a loud voice, "Yes! Call me Grandpa, that's more like it."

Violet was speechless. Now she had to call him 'Grandpa'? He got angry with her because of the title issue.

It was obvious that Parsons had forgotten the unpleasant thing that happened in the past. Even if he remembered it, he would pretend to forget it.

"Do you come here to support your wife?" He turned his eyes and began to attack Terence.

As soon as he made a fuss, her husband came to look for him. There was no doubt that Grandpa Bai knew everything.

Violet also realized Terence's intention. She was about to explain but was interrupted.

"Grandpa, I..."

"Grandpa Bai, Violet is a straightforward person. If she did something wrong, please forgive her. I will apologize on her behalf." Instead of blaming him, Terence made an apology, which made Grandpa Bai feel more embarrassed.

Originally, it was just a trick of his. He didn't expect that things would turn out like this. What's more, it was all his fault. Grandpa Bai always knew what he did wrong and would correct it. Even in his age, it didn't matter for him to apologize to this junior. He waved his hand at Terence and said unhappily, "Well, it's my fault. I won't do it again." Although it was not a big deal to admit mistake with the younger generation, he had never done that. Therefore, it was hard for him to accept this mistake now.

Violet had her own back up and she said impolitely, "What about eating meat?"

Grandpa Bai stared at her, but Violet was not afraid of him. Instead, she stared back at him more reflectively, which made grandpa Bai feel very depressed. He was just kidding! He shouldn't have done that.


n public. Terence didn't think that Mary would be so bold.

The fact was that, what Violet thought about was exactly what Terence valued the most. Seeing how anxious his wife was, he tentatively asked, "How about I ask Annus to check her whereabouts?"

Looking for a long time but did not see the figure of Mary, Violet Tang was a little discouraged. Since she could not be found, how could she bother Annus. What's more, it would be a shame if she misunderstood it. She shook her head and said, "No, don't bother Annus. Maybe I made a mistake."

Although she said so, the disappointment on her face couldn't be hidden. From Violet's point of view, everything Mary said and her behavior were all intentional. She had suffered a loss, and she could no longer believe in Mary. After all, Maranda was her good friend. She could not bear to see her friend get hurt. It could be seen that Maranda had a true feeling for Mary.

On the way, with Terence's persuasion, Violet finally showed a smile. Although she hadn't made up her mind, she shouldn't let Terence worry about her again.

Seeing the smile on Violet's face, Terence breathed a sigh of relief.

The car stopped in front of a Western-style restaurant, which was luxuriously decorated. Violet had come here when she investigated with Isla before. It was famous for its high price and delicious food.

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