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   Chapter 178 What Is Your Relationship With Him

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He had never treated any women so well except for Violet. That caused Violet's alert.

Holding Violet's hand, Terence left. Looking at his back, Laura raised the corners of her mouth and slowly said, "Okay."

Her eyes changed constantly. However deep in it, there was full of affection.

Terence directly took Violet to the door of Parsons's ward. Although she didn't know what Terence wanted to do, she thought it wouldn't be a good thing, so she grabbed Terence's arm and begged him.

In all fairness, Parsons was a bit stubborn, but he was an old man after all. No matter what happened, it was bad for Terence to offend him.

Seeing his wife's uneasiness, Terence touched Violet's hair and smiled gently. All of a sudden, it seemed that the whole place was covered with fresh flowers. The sun was shining in the sky and the breeze was blowing with fresh fragrance of the grass. Her eyes were blurred and her heart was full of moves.

Before she could react, Terence pushed the door open and walked in. Violet came to herself quickly and realized that it was a trick of Terence. His 'honey trap' worked.

It was the lunch break time of Parsons. He had explained to Laura about Violet, but he hadn't fallen asleep because he was worried. He was confused when he saw Terence. But when he saw Violet, he felt sorry.

It took a long time for Violet to explain, and made Parsons relieved.

"Nice to meet you, Grandpa Bai." Terence finally said. It was not only then Parsons realized Terence's appearance. After staring at Terence a long while, he couldn't help but ask, "Who are you?" Although Parsons was old now, he had a good memory. He had a feeling that he knew Terence, but he didn't know who he was.

Terence said in a hurry, "I'm son of the Gu family, Terence." He was very respectful to Parsons, even if it was not grandpa Gu who had such a privilege.

Parsons thought for a while and suddenly said, "Gu family... You are the son of Hiram?

Terence nodded with a ra

Violet didn't know whether to cry or to laugh. What was the point of deceiving in this kind of matter? What's more, she was the lucky one.

Parsons continued, "I won't believe it unless Violet admit it in person."

Violet turned a deaf ear to Parsons's unreasonable requests. Whether he believed it or not, she and Terence were legally husband and wife.

But when she looked into Terence's eyes, he saw the expectation in them, she couldn't refuse him.

"Chief, this is my husband, Terence Gu," Violet had no choice but to introduce. Her face blushed. She didn't know what she was nervous about. Her relationship with Terence was as normal as that between them.

The smile on Terence's face deepened and he looked at Violet with praise, which made her look down her head.

Parsons was angry, he straightened his face and said, "Since you are Terence's wife, why do you still call me chief?"

"What?" Violet did not get the meaning of Parsons for a while. Parsons had confirmed her to call him 'Chief', hadn't he?

Parsons had known Violet for a long time, so he knew that this girl was a little dull, but he did not urge her at this moment. He just looked at her with a smile. The smile on Parsons's face was more frightening than his poker face. Violet looked at Terence confusedly, hoping to get the answer.

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