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   Chapter 175 Anger In Bed No.8

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Right then, No. 8 bed was standing in the window, basking in the sun. The sunlight sprinkled on his face, making him look a little gentle.

"Hello, Grandpa. I'm your new nurse. My name is Violet Tang. You can call me Violet. " Violet said with a smile, trying to hide her nervousness.

Lily told her that people in No.8 bed always liked to smile to him, so she spoke with a smile. She had to show her respect.

A glance from No.8 bed shocked her, but she still kept calm and accepted the inspection. No. 8 glanced around Violet for a while and finally fixed his eyes on her.

The smile on Violet's face almost froze. Sure enough, the power of the leader was still at his middle age, and only a glance was enough to deal with a little girl like her.

The old man stared at Violet with sharp and cautious eyes for a long time before he opened his mouth and said, "You are not my granddaughter. Don't call yourself a relative."

His voice was full of strength, and the anger in it was clear. Violet was stunned. Sure enough, she annoyed No.8 bed.

She searched for Lily's knowledge quickly but sadly found that Lily didn't tell her how to call the angry looking old man.

"Great Grandpa?" Violet suggested tentatively. It was too intimate to call him "Grandpa", so she called him "Great Grandpa".

Bed No. 8 didn't say a word. He stared at Violet with a murderous look in his eyes. Violet quickly changed her words.

"Sir!" There was no objection to this word.

No. 8 seemed to be more and more malicious. Even though Violet had prepared well before coming in, she still had the impulse to escape. Sure enough, he couldn't be looked after by anyone.

Violet was wondering how to call an old man like bed No.8. 'If I can't call him by himself, should I call him by his position?' Violet calmed down a lot when she heard other people call him. Before he was about to lose her temper, she finally figured out what she should call him.


She yelled loudly for fear of being rejected by No.8 bed.

He was not angry anymore. On seeing that, his anger

old? The kids have their own things to do, and they can't just take care of me, an old man. "

Every family has its own problems. He no longer held any hope for his own sons.

It was then that Violet realized that although she had taken care of him for so long, he hadn't had any relatives to visit. She couldn't help but ask, "Chief, why haven't your family visited you? Don't you have a granddaughter? Why doesn't she come with you? "

This was not like the high-ranking officials Violet had met before. Not to mention the relatives, his subordinates also gathered here to visit. But now it was empty. Although Parsons had a bad temper, those nurses could tolerate that, how could their family members tolerate that?

He sighed and said, "I don't allow them to come. It's so troublesome. My granddaughter is not close to me, either. It doesn't matter if she comes or not. "

Speaking of families, Parsons was not very happy. It was afraid that his children weren't obedient to him. Seeing chief's face clouded over with anger, Violet hastily coaxed him, "Oh, I see. If they don't come, I can take care of you. " She didn't think there was anything wrong with that. He was getting old and expected to be protected. As long as he knew his intention, she would not misunderstand his actions.

What Violet said cheered up the old man and he said, "If only you were my granddaughter."

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