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   Chapter 174 Paying Without Asking For Return

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However, Mary said, "It's so rare that you still remember Evan." Her eyes suddenly became clear, as if it was just Violet's illusion. She said, "Of course I won't forget, I used to love him so much." Now, she could refer to that person without scruple, without any burden. After a pause, she continued, "But those are all childish behavior in childhood. Who take them seriously? What's more, you are married to Terence now, right? "

Her tone was joking and sincere. As for Violet, she hesitated for a moment. She also asked herself if she was wrong? But soon, she denied her suspicion and said in a low voice, "I thought your love was even deeper than mine."

Even though she was Evan's ex-girlfriend, Violet had to admit that Mary she made was much better than her. Although those were what Evan didn't need.

Mary didn't hide anything and said directly, "So what? No matter how deep the love was, I would give up without getting any response. I'm never a man who only pays without getting anything in return. " Her eyes were clear and firm, as if there was no special feeling when mentioning Evan.

Violet replied without hesitation, "What do you want from Maranda?"

What Mary said was so reasonable that Violet didn't believe it at all.

Maranda and Evan were two totally different types of men. One was gentle, and one was naughty. The other was introverted, while the other was open. Violet believed that Mary would not be without reward, while working was no better than love.

Finally, the clear eyes of Mary were filled with resentment. She sighed, as if there were countless grievances in her heart that could not be solved.

She sighed and said, "Violet, don't hold grudges against me. People change." She wanted time to prove herself. She looked into Violet's eyes and said word by word, "I think we will be friends."

Violet also looked at Mary and the whole thing in her mind was, "I hope so."

The appearance of Mary made Violet a little uneasy. She had been careless about this woman, but now she dare not look down on her.

No matter what kind of purpose Mary holding to M

at the reason why No. 8 bed makes me suffer is that he likes me?"

"Who knows?" Violet shrugged her shoulders and said helplessly, "I just have nothing to say. If I can't, you will be the later one." She wasn't a charity. Helping someone was boring.

Lily hurried to beg for mercy, "Spare me. You'd better take good care of him in the hospital. I don't want to be tortured again."

Although she said so, Lily told the situation of No.8 bed in a very conscientious manner. The patient just needed to cooperate with the doctor to cure it, and the main problem was to ask for trouble.

Today he felt that the bed was too low. He didn't smile when other saw him but slammed the door with a loud noise. Lily told Violet everything she had met and asked her to be careful.

Violet didn't think that bed No. 8 wasn't a person who would do something evil to others. She thought that bed 8 was just a small trick to attract people's attention. But she still listened to her and dared not to neglect him in the slightest.

When she stood in front of bed No. 8, she saw his cold face and couldn't help but feel a little scared.

No.8 bed was already ninety years old. He looked around seventy years old, perhaps because there was the body doctor taking care of him. There were some black on his white hair. His posture was straight, and his eyes were firm and powerful, like a soldier on the battlefield.

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