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   Chapter 173 Meeting Again

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The sudden news shocked Violet. No wonder Joyce didn't have any reaction when she saw her. It's better to stay put than to live in hatred. Violet didn't think losing her memory would do her any harm. If Joyce was sober, she would be crazier with a new mother.

"What are you going to do next?" She cared more about Michiko's resourcefulness.

Michiko glanced at her coolly and was still tender to her.

"Her family can't accommodate her any more. I'll take her back to Japan." Michiko hesitated for a while and said, "Violet, I know that Joyce had hurt you. Please don't fight with her for my sake. In the future, if you have any trouble, the whole Purified Company will help you solve it. "

Michiko knew what Joyce had done to Violet, and she also understood Joyce's fault.

She wouldn't help Joyce to win the Terence's heart and she wouldn't punish her for Violet. The only thing she could do now was to take Joyce away. If they didn't get involved, there wouldn't be conflicts.

Violet shook her head. She felt pity for Joyce and didn't hate her so much.

"Joyce just hurt Herron most." She said lightly.

Michiko's eyes, which were used to be beautiful, suddenly lit up, but soon dimmed. Although it was a good thing that Violet didn't blame Joyce, what Joyce had done also let her down.

She liked Violet, but she was selfish after all.

Michiko took Joyce back to Japan. What happened in City B was just a dream for her. Joyce would have a new name and a new memory.

Terence and Violet stood in front of the cemetery and looked at Herron who was smiling happily in the photo. It seemed like the first time they met. Terence was very angry that his wife still cared about another man. He also knew that Violet didn't have feelings for Herron. She just felt sorry for what he had suffered, and she didn't have any other feelings for him.

Since Herron's father was informed of the death of Herron, he couldn't disguise himself anymore. He wouldn't have shown up if

hat. "

Her eyes were quite meaningful. Violet paused, as if she had returned to the time when she had been young.

Mary stood in front of her and said with confidence, "Violet, trust me. You will break up with Evan sooner or later. "

Today, her tone was exactly the same as before. She didn't believe it at first, and now she didn't either.

"What Have you forgotten Evan? " Violet finally asked after careful consideration. Because the appearance of Mary was too strange. Although Violet did not know what was strange, she felt uncomfortable.

According to Evan, he had nothing to do with Mary. No, not now, not in the future. But she didn't think that Mary would think the same way.

As Mary said, it was true that she had been in love, and her feelings for Evan were so sincere, absolutely not less than that of herself.

Violet had not been able to forget it after four years, how could Mary easily forget it? Moreover, they had been in a city for four years.

During the four years that she was separated from Evan, Evan was in the same city with Mary. Even though Evan didn't say anything about it, she didn't believe that Mary hadn't made any effort.

The expression in Mary's eyes suddenly became very complicated, which made Violet more certain about her guess. This woman was by no means simple.

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