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   Chapter 172 Baby, Are You Not Sleepy

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A series of questions rendered Tina speechless. After thinking for a while, she agreed with that. There was no need to play a trick on Maranda given that Mary was born in a rich family.

"Dad, mom, grandpa, grandma, here is Mary." All of a sudden, Maranda's voice interrupted the heated discussion of Gu family members.

Everyone looked at the door, and Mary came in with a smile.

"Why do you come at this time?" Grandma Gu looked at the time and found that it was already nine o'clock in the evening.

"Mary said that she hadn't had time to visit my grandparents after she came back from abroad, so she came here." Maranda with a variety of gifts behind Mary, also did not forget to explain.

Although grandma was complaining that Mary brought so many presents, she was still smiling.

The Gu family was not short of presents, but the thought was the most important.

"Grandma, it's not a valuable thing. This is my studio's new clothes. It suits Auntie and grandma perfectly, so I brought a few. " Mary said in a proper manner.

And her gift was directly delivered to the heart of Emily and Tina. People all heard that the work designed by Mary's studio had won an international prize and was worthless. But why did she say that? It not only expressed her intention, but also would not make it difficult for everyone to accept.

"Violet, long time no see." This time, Mary greeted with Violet in a natural way. Her face was soft and calm.

"Long time no see." Violet replied politely. The past was the past. They had to move on.

Tina's eyes lit up.

"You both graduated from University A. You used to know each other, right?"

Violet didn't answer, but Mary said, "Of course." Then she looked at Violet and said meaningfully, "We are still good friends. Violet, right? "

They couldn't even be real friends, let alone "friends". Violet could understand that Mary wanted to make full use of the Gu family's efforts as soon as possible, but her explanation made her hesitate.

Violet smiled. She did not deny it.

ing a hospital gown, Joyce sat on a wheelchair. With an indifferent expression, she blankly looked at the spring which was in full bloom, as if she had lost her soul.

"Aunt Michiko." Violet asked while looking at her, who was wheeling the wheelchair. Since knowing the relationship between Michiko and Joyce, Terence ordered her not to meet Michiko anymore. Although he didn't say much, she could feel something.

Michiko's thoughts about Violet were complicated. For a long time, she had thought that Violet was her daughter. But in the end, it all turned out to be a mistake. Although Violet was her daughter, she had an inexplicable liking for this girl.

"Violet, I heard that you are pregnant. Is everything okay?" Michiko was still as beautiful and gentle as before. But there was a touch of gloom on her face.

Violet hated Joyce, but she liked Michiko. Even if they were just strangers, they still felt happy to meet an elder like Michiko.

"Okay. What about Joyce? " When she heard that Joyce had woken up, she had thought about how to face her. But now, the stunned look of Joyce was not something she could expect.

A distressed look appeared in her eyes as Michiko said, "She has amnesia." The car accident caused intracranial hemorrhage, hemorrhage and suppression of nerve, amnesia, which may take place not only a day, but also a lifetime.

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