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   Chapter 170 Everything Was Settled

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Stephen didn't take his words seriously. He promised, "Just say it. I can do anything for you." Suddenly, the past came to his mind and he added, "Don't ask me to bring your mother back to life. I can't do it."

That was the resentment he buried deep in his heart and the past he could not let go. Even without Annus's reflection, he couldn't forget her.

Annus didn't disturb him with this, he was thinking of another thing.

"Except our son, do you still remember your daughter?" This was the most unforgettable thing in his heart.

When Mr. Stephen was busy running his business and couldn't spare time for his family, he argued with his mother. Annus's mother, who had just finished sitting the month, took his younger sister of the boy and girl twins away from home and left his younger brother home, which was Kevin.

Annus was already ten years old at that time, so he totally understood what had happened between his parents. He followed his mother, hoping to protect his mother and sister.

But he couldn't protect anyone. In just a nap time, his mother had a car accident and his sister was sent to an orphanage. All the things happened in an instant. Although Anna was still young, before he could react, everything went back to peace.

Since his mother passed away, his sister had disappeared into the vast sea of people. He had tried his best over the years to find his sister, and as a result, he was getting a 'freak' now. He remembered that his sister was sensitive to music, so she often went to the collage of music or university nearby and searched for people nearby, hoping that they could meet again.

But the chance was slim. He never met his sister again. Until he met Sheryl.

Their names are quite similar. Her surname was the same as them. Even though he knew that his sister was still a baby at that time, he was still willing to believe that the arrangement of destiny was such a coincidence. Moreover, the same age and the same birthday were showing that Sheryl was his sister.

"Do you have any information about her?" Said Mr. Stephen excitedly. He would never forget his own daughter.

He had three children, two of which were gone, and even his most beloved

f he stayed in City B and continued to stay around Violet, he would lose control of himself and maybe one day he would lose his temper.

Leaving was a good thing for him, for Violet, and even for Terence.

Evan's crisis came in a short time, and it was gone as soon as it came. After unraveling Evan's entangled heart, everything became simple.

Looking at Evan's leaving figure and thinking of his future, Violet couldn't help but sigh.

"You don't want him to leave?" Terence asked jealously. He didn't expect that Evan would accept the order to go to the River Province so easily.

He didn't like Evan to stay around his wife, so he had something to do with Evan's work adjustment. Evan must have noticed it. But he didn't say anything. He just accepted it with pleasure. He felt grateful to the Evan who could finally let go of everything, but they would never be friends.

Violet didn't notice the abnormality of the man beside her. She shook her head and just had some feelings.

"At the beginning, I liked him so much, but now I can finally let him go." Then she could rest in peace.

Although he knew that Violet had let go of Evan, Terence still felt bad. After all, he hadn't had the eight years that Evan and Violet had together. They had been together for four years and missed each other for another four years. The tacit understanding between them was beyond words, which made him even more jealous.

Even though he didn't want to admit it.

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