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   Chapter 168 An Outsider And An Insider

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"She was young at that time. How could you force her like that?" Finally, Evan stopped to put up his anger. He roared, staring at Dora with anger.

When she came to her senses, Dora answered without any guilt, "Who told you that? Is it Violet? " Then, she began to complain, "I told you that girl is not such a good girl. It has been such a long time, then she choose to reveal it to you. It was obvious that..."

"Did you really force her?" Evan asked with the last bit of expectation. Until now, he still wanted to escape, but now it gave him a hard blow.

Since Evan knew it, Dora did not find the necessary to hide anything. Then she nodded.

"Yes, I went to talk to her to leave you. But all I do is for your own good... "

"Enough!" A roar interrupted Dora's words. Evan crazily slapped at his head and shouted, "For my good? Look at me now, what you have done is all for my good? "

He didn't remember how long he hadn't seen the sun. Since he entered the room, he had tried every means to make himself less sober. However, no matter what he did, what Terence said still echoed in his mind, and every word he said about the people he investigated was so clear.

"That's all because of Terence..." In fact, Dora still wanted to get rid of Evan's grudge on her. However, she had no idea what her son valued the most in his heart.

"It's not Violet who told me everything. It's Terence who told me." Evan explained on Violet's behalf. He didn't allow his mother to say one more word to Violet, even it was just guessing. He solemnly said, "It is not Terence who ruined me, it is you who ruined me, my mother!"

Dora was confused. She did all of this for him. But now, Evan said that to her. How could she bear it?

"What are you talking about? I did it for you..." She just wanted to be a good mother.

Evan interrupted her directly and said directly, "Mom, do you know how much I love her? I have left home for four years because of her. I have been thinking of her ever since then. I still have expectations for her even though I have known that she is married and she behaves so resolutely. I don't care whe

face drove Annus into a trance.

"Of course!" he replied without any hesitation. A piece of clothing chosen by Sheryl was the best.

"Humph, perfunctory." Sheryl didn't appreciate his kindness and pouted in discontent. She had just picked up the clothes and put them far away, looking down upon Annus's behavior.

Annus felt wronged this time. He really thought it was beautiful.

"Sheryl..." Annus was about to explain when a voice far away attracted his attention.

Sheryl raised her head too. Surrounded by a group of people in a dark blue suit, Kevin gloated and walked towards them.

"Why are you here, brother Kevin?"

Sheryl asked in surprise.

Kevin didn't like this address. He didn't understand why she only addressed him little brother Kevin? He was okay with brother. But why did she added a 'little'? Casting a glance at Annus with a dissatisfy expression on his face, Kevin approached Sheryl and said discontentedly, "I should be the one to ask you that why are you here with this cold man."

Sheryl turned to Annus and explained, "Brother Annus is with me to choose clothes for the competition... We met by accident on our way here. Knowing that I was going to buy some clothes, brother Annus came with me. " Her flustered look made Kevin delightful. He waved his hand and said, "It turned out that you are choosing a cloth for competition. Pick whatever you like. I'll buy it to you."

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