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   Chapter 163 The Scandal

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"Let her out," Kari said in a low voice.

Michiko smiled more wantonly and presumptuously. Did Kari think she was still the ignorant girl many years ago? Did he want to threaten her by power and morality?

Wasn't it ridiculous?

However, Michiko did not act against his will. After a while, Abbey came out.

Not only Kari but also Violet was shocked to see Abbey in such a mess. She was still wearing an exquisite spiral shaped dress, but both her long hair and the water stains on her body showed that she had been hurt.

Kari took off his suit jacket without hesitation and put it on Abbey. He took her hand and was about to leave.

He could forgive Abbey's wretched look, he could forgive what Michiko did today and forget what happened today. Because he had done too much things that hurt Michiko in the past.

Michiko saw what Kari was doing and didn't try to stop him. Because there was someone who would be more reluctant to leave than her.

Abbey stopped and shook off Kari's hand forcibly.

"I can't go," she said in a cold voice.

It was the first time that she acted against Kari's order these years.

Kari was still very angry, and Abbey's voice came again, "Joyce is in her hand."

At this moment, Kari managed to hold back his anger. He looked at Michiko in disbelief. Of course, unlike Abbey, Kari didn't believe that Michiko would do such a thing. But he knew Abbey best. If she had not been forced to do so, she would never have suffered so much. Finally, he opened his mouth, "Give me Joyce."

The smile on Michiko's face broadened since Kari finally looked at her in the eye.

"Who is Joyce?" she asked in confusion.

Hearing that, Michiko was stunned. His mind was full of doubts, but he only said, "She is my daughter."

This time, the expression on Michiko's face was even more confused.

"Your daughter? Why do you want me to give her to you?" She acted as if she knew nothing about Joyce, but how could she not know?

Abbey directly exposed her

other, he exploded with anger at his strategy.

"Michiko, we all know who caused that accident that year. I let go of you that year. Don't think that I will let you go easily this time. You caused the death of Chiyo!"

He had thought that time could change many things. But when that name was mentioned again, Kari found himself very angry. He could not cover that anger up. It turned out that time could change and make things more complicated. Once again, the profound feeling that had been absorbed into the bone marrow could be activated, and that was the collision of life.

Michiko was also stunned. She said lightly, "Chiyo, you finally mentioned her name."

She didn't expect that Kari would mention the name to her so quickly. If he mentioned her, it would save her from talking. She raised her head again and her eyes were full of resentment. She pointed at Abbey and shouted to Kari, "Why don't you ask her what happened back then?"

Abbey understood Michiko's intention very well. She could kill Chiyo, she could ignore the resentment of Michiko, and she could even give up Joyce, but she didn't want Kari to know everything she had done to Chiyo.

Over the years, it was undeniable that she still attached great importance to Kari. Even if he didn't love her, she would still love him without any hesitation.

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