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   Chapter 159 Drowning

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 6430

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Michiko took a bath towel from the bodyguard and put it over her shoulders. Her eyes were still gentle, and with a faint smile on her face, she said softly, "Long time no see, Mrs. Xiao."

"Long time no see, Michiko. You are more attractive than before." Abbey was getting more and more disdainful.

Michiko was not angry, but only smiled more deeply. She said plainly, "You are still not welcomed by men. How pathetic."

Michiko was never a kind person with a clear mind. How could she not be bullied and resist? She would never do that before, not to mention now. Michiko wanted Abbey to witness her change.

"Where is Joyce?" Abbey was not in the mood to talk about old times, nor was she in the mood to listen to advice. She directly asked about Joyce's whereabouts.

"Long time no see, you are still so impatient." Michiko said.

She had a faint smile on her face, in stark contrast to Abbey's reaction.

"Hey, do you really think that you can kidnap Joyce? I'll tell everyone your true colors! " Abbey then opened her handbag and took out her phone. She was going to tell Kari and Craig that Joyce was in the hands of Michiko. She shouldn't have kept everything from them.


Before Abbey dialed, Michiko took out her phone. Before she could see clearly what the woman was doing, she was so flustered that her phone fell into the water.

And Michiko was approaching her with a faint smile.

At this moment, Abbey was slightly scared. No matter how smart Michiko was and what environment Abbey was in now, the woman in front of her was no longer the little girl who had knelt down in front of her and cried.

This woman, was powerful and capable, could make her disappear without anyone noticing.

Although Abbey was a little bit annoyed, she still kept stepping back as Michiko was approaching her. The fear in her heart would always make people particularly helpless. When she retreated to

tried to use her brain, but she failed.

At this moment, she felt the passage of life and all the fear in her heart burst out.

Her body fell back uncontrollably, and the whole world seemed to be quiet. In front of her was a beautiful, gentle face and a faint smile. Once upon a time, there was a woman smiling at her like that.

In a trance, Mrs. Xiao had fallen into the water. The water gushed from all directions, and what in front of her eyes was endless water and endless darkness. The falling was fatal for a person who couldn't swim.

Abbey slapped the water madly in order to get a hint of breath of life. However, no matter how she struggled, the suffocation brought by the water never disappeared.

"Michiko, Michiko... Help me... "

She had no choice but to turn to the woman she had despised for help in front of her life. She was afraid. She was really afraid. She was afraid that she would die like this. She was afraid that nobody would know her death.

On the shore, Michiko was quietly watching the woman who was writhing on the water. There was no change in her face, not even her smile.

Michiko was wondering if the same thing had happened in the afternoon many years ago when Chiyo had fallen into water? So helpless, so eager for redemption...

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