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   Chapter 158 The So-called Properly Matched Marriage

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"You asked him to work so fast without letting him take a rest. You are indeed a capitalist!" Grandma Gu muttered and rolled her eyes at Terence. Obviously, she said those words to threaten him.

"Grandma, Terrence asked me to take a rest at home. It is me who can't leave the company business alone. I've been away for such a long time. I think I'd better go back and get used to it." Annus hurried to explain for Terence, his words were totally full of protection.

Grandma Gu said angrily, "Annus, what can I say to you? Are you feeling bad that you don't work for him every day?" Pointing at Annus, Granny Gu scolded him. He had been like this since childhood and had to follow Terence. She didn't understand why Terrence, who was as cold as ice, was attracted to him?

"Hah-hah. I feel bad." Annus flattered.

'One is willing to fight and the other is willing to suffer'. Grandma Gi finally lost her temper. She decided to ignore them.

Annus went to work with Terence and finally escaped.

In Xiao family's house.

After learning that Joyce was taken away by Herron, Craig ordered to arrest Herron at once, but he seemed to disappear for no reason and could not be found. When he thought that Terence couldn't even find Herron in the past, Craig became even more furious.

"Dad, Joyce will be fine. I've sent all the policemen in the city. They will call me as long as they get any news." Kari waited by the side of the telephone as he frowned. At the same time, he did not forget to comfort Craig.

Craig nodded and looked more serious.

Abbey was anxious. She was afraid that something bad would happen to her daughter since she was just a girl who left in others hand alone.

The more anxious she was, the more she would think of bad things. Seeing that she was tired, Kari let her go back to her room for a rest. Unable to change Kari's mind, Abbey had to go back to her room. But how could she fall asleep so easily?

Suddenly, there was a call on her phone from a strange ID. Normally, she didn't answer it. But when she thought of her daughter's disappearance today, she was afraid that there would be new news, so she answered it.

"Abbey, long time no see." A so

wealthy families, she had to bear whatever he did outside. Because they were from a family of equal social rank, so she had to stay at home. They didn't dare to make a noise, divorce, or even speak loudly.

They thought they would be a loving couple without any other people around. But?

Their marriage was driven by profit. She even couldn't remember when they had held hands for the last time?

One year, two years, five years, or... a decade ago?

Time always passed quickly. Companionship was not the best, but people who loved it the most could not get it. Abbey felt difficult and ridiculous. She arrived at the appointed place.

It was a closed gym. There was a gym, a villa style place as well. It was in the morning now and there was no one inside. A waiter led her into a villa in the center of the hall.

As soon as she stood firm, the door opened, and a bodyguard dressed in suits and sunglasses led her to the pool.

Right then, a woman showed up in the water. Her face was so delicate. Time did not leave any trace on it. On the contrary, it did leave some traces of youth on it because of how well time had treated her. There was no trace of fat on her body, and her flat abdomen, slender legs, were so smooth and white, as if an egg. Her condition was like a young girl.

In contrast, Abbey could not help showing some resentment on her face.

The girl who used to be worthless in front of her now finally got the chance to show off.

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