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   Chapter 157 Have A Meal With Him

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 6966

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When Jasmine showed them the divorce certificate, everyone finally believed that their once proud little princess finally entered the rebellious period.

"Why do you want a divorce?"

"You wanted to be his wife, didn't you?"

"He is fine. Is it your problem?"

A series of questions flooded into her head, which made her a little confused. She had to be grateful that her mother was not here, otherwise she would collapse.

Even so, Jasmine was on the verge of collapse.


She was kidnapped. She was afraid that they couldn't fall asleep, so she stayed alone in the room until dawn.

She turned on all the lights in the room to seek comfort. Did they know how tormented she was this night?

Her mind was all about kidnapping, in which the face who was kidnapping her was stuffed.

She finally wait till dawn. The whole family got up at dawn. She was full of grievances, but what about them?

They even started to talk about her divorce, never thinking how helpless she was yesterday!

"He cheated on me, so I wanted to divorce him. If you don't like me staying at home, I can move out. I have a place to live anyway. "

Jasmine was always bossy. When she was certain that she couldn't get any warmth here, she left without hesitation.

Grandma Gu asked Hiram to go after her, but he stood still. He only said that as his daughter had grown up, she had to make a choice of her own.

Sam and Tina looked at each other and felt sorry.

Jasmine's ex-husband looked nice.

Jasmine probably didn't know that after she left, her father had called her ex-husband for two hours. He just said to him, "You cheated my daughter. You will come to no good end."

However, the interrogation for Jasmine was not over yet. Don't forget, her mother is still in her apartment.

As for Jasmine, Terence didn't care about it at all. Annus's situation was tense. The fact that Joyce was taken away by Herron wouldn't be spread to Xiao family for long. Although he comforted Violet, Annus's condition was really dangerous.

"Don't tell the An family about it now," Af

like a brother.

Jasmine was his elder sister. He valued her safety. Annus was his brother, so Annus's safety was also important. It could be said that in the heart of Terence, Annus was as important as Jasmine. His position was even higher than that of Jasmine.

It was a fact that neither Violet nor the Gu family knew. The love between the two people would be enhanced quickly by the company of youth. The difficulty and obstacles they started a company together could be seen the true love between them.

Terence would take Annus as his family member in his life.

After listening to the story of them by Terence, Violet finally knew that Secretary Annus held a deep position in Terence's heart and an important role in the Gu family. She didn't have any special feelings for Annus, but she also liked the people that Terence liked.

When Violet handed the millet congee to Annus, he was flattered.

"No problem. Let me do it." He hurriedly took the bowl from Violet and ran to the kitchen to help her.

Didn't he notice the killing eyes of Terence? My wife wouldn't get anybody's attention, let alone serve other men.

Terence was quite satisfied with Annus's insight and wisdom, but Violet didn't think it was a big deal.

In fear of Violet really did something beyond their imagination, Annus didn't want to take a vacation but went to work with Terence directly.

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