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   Chapter 154 Jasmine Was Kidnapped

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The basement of the villa must have been known by Xiao family. After the exposure, Terence took him to an empty warehouse. They were surrounded by bodyguards in black, each holding a torch, which lit up their privacy.

As soon as the light was turned on, Terence was sitting on a chair, while Herron was slumping in front of him.

Herron's spirit was fairly normal, and the black coat made him look thinner, but there was no fear in his fierce eyes.

"Why do you keep an eye on her?" Terence said coldly.

How dare did Herron stared at Violet? Terence had no choice but want to kill him.

Herron suddenly laughed and spoke in a relaxed tone.

"What you said, of course, is kidnapping her."

Enraged, Terence kicked. After rotating in the air for a while, Herron fell directly on the wall and slowly fell to the ground. He lay on the ground for a long time. He was like an object without any vitality.

After a while, Herron came to his sense, with a line of blood on the corner of his mouth.

"President Gu is angry. It was said that Mr. Terence had dated countless women and never showed mercy to them. Is it worth getting angry for a woman? "

Herron wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said provocatively.

He didn't hate Violet and even didn't hate Terence. But his lover was in his hand, and he had to do so. He admired the love between Terence and Violet, as well as Violet's love for Terence. Because he never got them.

Unwilling to talk nonsense with him, Terence took the dagger from the bodyguard.

"You know too much." He whispered. Staring at Herron, he took out a dagger and played it casually. The light of the dagger reflected the cold light, making Herron's heart in his throat.

"Mr. Gu, wait!"

Such a straight threat was self-evident. Herron did not expect that Terence dared to do this. He had long regretted.

He was wrong. He never knew the power of the Gu family, let alone their society.

"You only think about Violet, but do you still remember another woman?" Regardless of astonishment, Herron said in a hurry.

"Your sister, Jasmine

my mother. He must die! "

It suddenly dawned on Terence that the situation in the hospital was probably acting. He didn't want to get involved in other people's family affairs. But Terence had to care Jasmine.

"Let go of Jasmine! Let go of you!" This was his promise.

Herron laughed and said, "Mr. Gu, I'm not discussing with you."

All of a sudden, his tone changed. "Of course, I don't mind if you are willing to wait. If I don't go back, my buddy will definitely start that meal. Mr. Gu, look at the time. The late it is, the more exciting it is. "

How could Terence not understand the meaning behind his words?

"Bring Joyce here." Terence said without hesitation.

"I need another car." Herron pushed his luck.

Glancing at him, Terence ordered, "It's ready."

As time passed by, the waiting process was always anxious.

"Why hasn't she come yet?" Herron could not help but feel angry.

Terence glanced at him and said nothing. Joyce was in Michiko's hand. Now she heard that Violet's life would be threatened, so she would not let Joyce go so easily. There was no way Herron could escape. Why didn't he wait a little longer?

Terence secretly winked at his bodyguards behind him, and they immediately took action.

Although it was not the first time for Herron to kidnap, it was the only time that he was sober. He would have collapsed if he hadn't thought of Joyce.

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