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   Chapter 153 Herron Was Showed Up

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 6879

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When the documents were being sent to the office, Terence took a quick glance at the documents, noticing his wife was looking at his interview. He felt more pleased.

He knew there was nothing more attractive than him.

Through that interview, Terence was full of confidence.

At that time, he and Isla just got married. Although he didn't announce it in public, he was thinking about Violet all the time.

According to the standards of the woman he liked, it was customized according to the standards of Violet. 'Now, she finally see how much he likes her.'

Violet was looking at his feelings for love.

He said that the reason why he waited so long was to find a bosom friend. They had a life and grew up together. This was the best love in his heart. It looked plain and simple, but it was not a simple answer.

It seemed to be best friends. Was she?

In the past, she seemed to be in a passive position. The only support from Terence was her only support. She never knew what he liked to do or what he was thinking in his mind, nor did she want to know.

If it hadn't been for what happened to Joyce, she wouldn't have known that Terence loved her so much. She would never realize that she could not live without him.

Was the love between them what he expected?

After he finished his work, he saw his wife's perplexed face. He walked over and saw the page on the magazine, which was his views on love. He couldn't help sitting next to Violet and holding her in his arms.

"Before I met you, I had many ideas. But after I met you, you were the only one in my heart. I will be happy if you are happy. If you like it, I will like it too. I like your smile, your cunning eyes, your cutesy look... It was you. That's why I like you. "

His sudden confession touched her deeply.

Tears fell down from her eyes. She never found Terence so cute.

"I love you."

She whispered in his ear.

The word was more than thousands of words.

He was surprised and pulled her out of his arms. Looking at her loving eyes, he had never been s

mself. If he was willing to cooperate with the treatment, he could return to normal people. If that happened, he would definitely regret what he had done today.

Violet had always been kind and wanted to help.

"I know." Terence nodded as a consent to her request.

Although Violet was softhearted, what she thought was reasonable. The sudden appearance of Herron must be profitable.

Xiao family grabbed Annus and wanted to exchange Joyce's back. He probably wanted to kidnap Violet in exchange for Joyce. At the thought of the possibility, he wished he could tear Herron into pieces.

His beloved daughter-in-law, unexpectedly, was remembered by someone. This kind of feeling made Terence eager to catch Herron.

Since the kidnapping, every time Violet went out, she must have bodyguards with her. All of a sudden, Terence called his bodyguards, who were hiding in the dark, to recognize Herron. They had all seen his pictures before, so it was not a hard thing for them.

The bodyguards were efficient. As soon as Terence sent Violet back to the Gu family's house, Herron had already been caught.

In order to set Violet's mind at rest, Terence told her the truth and then took her to the interrogation. It was too bloody. Terence didn't ask Violet to come, but just said that he was afraid that she would distract his own attention if she was with him.

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