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   Chapter 152 . Babe, It's So Hot

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 6881

Updated: 2020-03-18 00:22

Violet thought for a while. She made a decision, no matter whether she met Evan or she married Terence. If she could start over again, she was not sure if she made a right decision, but at least she wouldn't regret it.

She shook her head and said, "I don't think so. Everything is a blessing from God, good or bad, always appear at the most suitable time. Let our life be rich and colorful, and it's different every day. "

Looking at her sunny smile, Michiko was affected, and she asked gently, "Do you like the present life?"

On this point, Violet didn't hesitate to say, "Yes. I have a family who loves me very much. I love them as well. I'm satisfied with all of them. "

Violet was very fond of her present life. It would be better if she had a baby.

Thinking of this, she touched her lower abdomen. There seemed to be a special connection that allowed her to quickly have a tiny life there.

"As you please." Michiko murmured. Her eyes, which were fixed on Violet, dimmed gradually.

"I'm leaving in a few days." She said lightly.

"So soon?" Violet was a little surprised.

Michiko was relieved.

"Yes, the cooperation with the An group has been settled. We will sign the contract tomorrow. See you again, my old friend. My schedule is about to end. "

In the past, she always didn't want to leave and couldn't bear the pain of losing her daughter again. However, after the talk with Terence, she suddenly found that the greatest hope was to make her daughter happy.

Now, seeing her daughter beautiful, healthy and happy, safe and sound, she was satisfied.

"Where is your daughter?" Violet suddenly asked.

She remembered that the most important thing Michiko needed to do was to look for her daughter. Her daughter, who was so gentle as a moron, certainly wanted to see her mother.

However, Michiko shook her head and said, "She's fine. I don't want to disturb her."

She looked indifferent. The slight smile at the corners of her mouth always made people feel sad.

"But do you know what she is thinking about?" Vio

rt a bit uneasy. Although no one knew what happened that day, she always felt that other people's eyes on her were full of ambiguity. To make things more convenient, Terence asked her to wear a dress. Violet believed that everyone could see the purpose of this.

With Violet in his arms, Terence walked through the hall, took the private elevator and headed for the president's office.

As soon as he entered the office, Violet kept a distance from him, fearing that he might go berserk.

After all, they had just had a big meal last night. He could spare her this time. The more savings he gathered, the more interesting it would be.

Being stared at by Terence, Violet felt goose bumps all over the floor. She hurriedly found a magazine to block the stares.

But when she read the magazine carefully, she found that it was an exclusive interview of Terence.

In the magazine, Terence was wearing a suit and a tie, showing his "domineering" posture. Violet had pulled down the magazine and watched him. To her, he was much more handsome than he was in the picture.

Though Terence was working hard, he would spare some time to cast a few glances at Violet. He saw his little wife was absorbed in something that he could not help frowning. In his heart, there was nothing more attractive than looking at him.

It could be seen how narcissistic Terence was.

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