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   Chapter 151 The Man Refuse To Take The Responsibility

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"Anyway, it's none of my business." Isla curled her lip and said indifferently. Although she said so, she did not make any more trouble.

It was the first time that Isla had seen Michiko.

"Auntie, you are so young that I feel embarrassed to call you auntie every time I see you. Besides, you look like a friend of mine very much. " Isla was always a sweet talker. Her several words amused Michiko.

Violet quietly pulled her and asked, "Which friend? Do I know her?" Not only did Isla have this kind of feeling, but Violet also felt that Michiko's beauty was familiar, but she couldn't remember who she looked like exactly.

Seeing the innocent look on Violet's face, Isla couldn't help saying, "What friend? She looks familiar. I said that just to make her happy."

Isla didn't care about her lie. It was a white lie.

Violet was speechless.

Isla and Michiko had a good time chatting. Sometimes, Violet was slightly excluded by them, but they talked about her all the time.

"Auntie, don't you know that Violet is a sweet and obedient girl, but she was so rebellious at school."

Isla unscrupulously told the genius about the past of Violet when she was at school.

"We have a lecturer. It's boring to teach. Many students skip classes. When we took the test, our professor gave us fifty-nine points. We failed in the exam, but he didn't let us pass. Violet will take us to the professor, and the whole class fifty-two people protest together. In the end, the professor was forced to give up. He took a full set of test paper, saying if anyone could get higher grade than 90, there was no need to make up for the exam. What do you think, then? Violet gained one hundred points and she gave the professor a hard slap. "

Isla was quite pleased to hear that. Because she did get a good test thanks to Violet. "Speaking of Violet, she had far more power than she had imagined..."

"It's late. Aren't you going home?" Violet sensed th

ntention and agreed with Isla, "No, you can't do that, Isla. The child must have a family..."

Michiko's words were totally the same as Isla's mother. Hearing Michiko's words, Isla had been unhappy. Seeing she was being so aggressive, Isla had to surrender. She pretended to be shocked and interrupted.

"Violet, I remember something all of a sudden. I'll have dinner with Jordan. See you later. "

She also said to Michiko, "Auntie, I'm leaving now. I'll visit you again when I have time."

Isla packed up and left in a hurry.

'Please, she didn't want to hear any more words from her.' Isla thought in mind.

"Naughty girl... Well. " It was easy for Michiko to see through Isla's intention. But she concluded that Isla was too capricious since she had experienced it before.

"Sooner or later she will regret it." Michiko was lost in thought, as Isla was long gone.

On Isla way back, Violet couldn't help but ask, "Auntie, is there anything you regret?"

'Would she regret for her daughter, sister and family?'

Michiko thought for a while. When she saw the calm expression on Violet's face, she sighed and said, "Life is full of regrets. Violet, do you have it? "

She looked at Violet gently. If Violet had, she must let it go. This was probably the only thing she could do.

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