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   Chapter 150 Pregnant He Could Also Punish Her

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Evan's anger was more like a kid's anger. Terence said, "Your mother found Violet, and threatened her to leave you as her parents' jobs."

This was the real reason why she chose to leave Evan.

Instead of visiting her parents, his mother, Dora, contacted Violet. Dora knew her son too well, so she had to block the way in.

She threatened Violet that her parents would come into handy if she didn't leave Evan once and for all. Tang family's parents were going to retire very soon and their lifelong painstaking efforts would be destroyed if they retired at this juncture.

Violet was tough. She didn't tell anyone about it and held on alone. Just when she had no choice, the fact that Evan had cheated on her happened. Without hesitation, she directly broke up with Evan.

What a poor man! How could he still think that Violet betrayed him?

"Nonsense!" Evan yelled. He didn't believe his mother would do that.

Dora liked Violet very much and mentioned her name several times after they broke up. But she didn't say anything more at last because they had been completely separated. How could she hurt Violet?

Terence was hated that kind of man. He utterly ignored Evan. He commanded in a stern voice, "I'm telling the truth. You can investigate that. The leaders of Violet's parents are still on duty, they should tell you the truth for your sake. As for your self-esteem, I don't know if it's enough. "

Evan knew that it was unnecessary for Terence to tell a lie. The witnesses were placed there, and he could ask them to make it clear. So what Terence said was true...

It was unacceptable for Evan.

"Terence, you are a liar!" Evan let off all his anger on Terence. After a loud roar, he waved his fist and came at him.

Terence didn't dodge, but stared at him. However, to his surprise, Evan's fist was stopped in the middle instead of hit him.

"Don't act wildly here. You know the truth. If you don't dare to verify, then you'd better be a good guy and accept the challenge." Terence said ferociously, then took Evan's fist and threw him aside with a wave of his hand.

Evan s

excellent work as she ate the cakes.

Violet shook her head and said reluctantly, "I didn't do it. It was my aunt, Michiko made it." Violet dared not ask for praise.

Isla was wondering why the "Aunt Michiko" didn't go out when she appeared with the last piece of dessert.

Isla had heard about her from Violet. But she was just the adopted daughter of Gu family. As for others, Violet didn't mention anything else.

Since Violet said that the Gu family had gone out, Isla relaxed her posture. At this moment, when she suddenly saw someone, looking at her posture, she suddenly became nervous and sat down in a hurry, daring not to be careless.

"This is Aunt Michiko. Violet was amused by her words and didn't forget to introduce.

"This is my good friend, Isla Gu. She is also Terence's cousin. " Being mentioned as a distant relative again, Isla waved her hand in a hurry.

"Although we are relatives, we have already developed five branches. In theory, we can also get married." Isla provoked Violet on purpose because she dared to mention the word "distant relative".

Michiko had no idea what was on Isla's mind.

"Auntie, she was just kidding. Don't look at her like this. She's pregnant now. " Violet hurried to explain, then turned around and said to Isla fiercely, "Hey, stop talking nonsense, or I will tell Jordan."

Although Isla was pregnant, Jordan could still punish her.

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