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   Chapter 148 Just Take His Own Consequence

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 6974

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The disdain in Violet's eyes was getting deeper, and it was like an arrow that pierced into Evan's heart. He could only lick the wound of his heart. At this moment, he suddenly came to realize something.

"What... I'm an outsider when you two love each other. " He finally understood her feelings.

"It is not too late for you to know this point." Violet didn't give in. Her disdainful words made Evan's heart bleeding. He stared at her, sad and desperate. He whispered, "I love you so much, but you treat me like this."

At this moment, in the eyes of Evan, there was nothing but a sign of betrayal. He only thought that Violet had hurt him.

Violet couldn't explain clearly to him, so she said directly, "Evan, I beg you to recognize one thing. There is no relationship between us. No matter how much you love me, it's your business. If you love me, then don't show up in front of me. Because I really don't love you. " Her straightforward words hurt Evan, as if Violet was talking to a stranger.

"I see. Violet, I got it. " Evan nodded his head in frustration. There was coldness in his eyes.

"Violet, what happened? And this is? "

Michiko Asked as she saw Violet standing with a strange man.

She could tell there must be an unusual relationship between them, especially the way men looked at each other, like the eyes of an injured animal, which made people feel confused.

"Violet, you will regret it!" Evan glanced at Michiko and said lightly. Then he left.

Violet stared at him and her face turned cold.

When did Evan become like this? She made everything clear to him, but he still did not understand. Somehow, she felt a little irritable. She thought that she should tell Terence what had happened between her and Evan when they got home so that there would not be any misunderstanding between them.

Hearing Michiko's questioning eyes, Violet came to herself and explained, "Don't worry. He is just a lunatic."

Michiko was not stupid enough to believe that Violet would talk to a "lunatic". But obviously, she didn't want to say more, so Michiko did

w that if Jordan told Isla about it. Anyway, her face warmed up at the thought of it.

All Terence wanted to do was to comfort his wife, but he didn't expect that. How could he not understand why Violet brought it up? They had chatted for such a long time that their sleepiness had already vanished. It was early now, so they'd better get down to some business...

Terence's big hand had slowly hooked around her neck. His long fingers, like a dancing fairy, drew circles on her fair skin. She couldn't help but shiver when she thought of her mother, Melisa's words.

"Let's go to bed early. We have something to deal with tomorrow."

She pushed him away in a hurry and fell asleep with her head covered.

Terence was still holding her hands and he didn't want to let her down seeing her like this.

Since Terence was in a bad mood today, and he didn't get what he wanted last night, the Xiao family sent him the photo of Annus being beaten, urging him to hand over Joyce again.

If Violet was Michiko's daughter, and Michiko had the relationship with Anthony's father, then Violet must be the younger sister of Anthony and Joyce?

When he realized this, he almost came to a breakdown. When Joyce tormented him in the past, he had promised in person that he would never marry the daughter of Xiao family. But now, just as he had expected, he did marry Xiao family's daughter.

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