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   Chapter 145 The Unified Confrontation

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"It was him!" It had been a long time since he got so excited that his own ideas was proved to be correct.

As soon as he opened, Hiram told everything.

"It has nothing to do with love. He and Anthony's mother got married out of a political marriage. Only after meeting Chiyo did he know what true love was. Chiyo had been coaxing to listen to him on everything and she never bring him out to meet us. It was not until the accident of Michiko that we knew who her boyfriend was."

Every time he mentioned it, he always thought about it. If he had insisted on seeing Chiyo's boyfriend, perhaps things would not have happened afterwards. However, there was no 'if'. Things happened afterwards.

"But Michiko doesn't listen to me. She insisted to give birth to the baby which was a scandal for the Xiao family. They would never allow her to give birth to this baby. That was why Michiko believe it when she heard that her child had died, she would not doubt it. Unfortunately, no one has ever thought of such a result. "

That was all the truth. After saying that, Hiram felt weak.

This matter was sealed with the departure of Michiko, and the seal was removed with the return of Michiko. Over the years, he had known how painful it was for Michiko, but he could do nothing. The Xiao family was so powerful that they could only protect themselves, but not others.

"Has Michiko found that child?" Terence said with hesitation.

Since he said so much about it, Hiram didn't hesitate to answer this question. He said, "I suppose so. She didn't want to say much, probably because she wanted to give the child a period to prepare herself. After all, so many years have passed, but she hadn't fulfilled her responsibility as a mother. What's more, as her child had grown up, she would have her own judgment."

This was an objective answer, probably was also the answer that Michiko thought.

He breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. He held Violet's hand firmly, trying to look for a glimmer of power.

Violet noticed the unusual condition of Terence and thought he was shocked by the story. She put the other hand on his hand to comfort him.


upport me unconditionally. " Then she brought up the topic again.

Violet couldn't stand it anymore. Even if she was lying, she had to say it.

"Mom, we also support you." She wrapped her arms around Emily's neck, acting like a spoiled child. She was gentle to her as she was in front of Melisa.

The heart of Emily was melted in an instant. She glowered at Terence and smirked, "Well, a daughter is better than a son."

He was happier than anyone else that his mother would like his wife. Although his mother did not like him, he was still happy. Whether his mother liked him or not, she had to accept him as her son. But his wife was different. He understood that it was hard for mother-in-law and daughter-in-law to get along.

After Terence brought up the question and made all these small jokes with her, Emily felt much relieved. Although still dissatisfied, she was not that angry. Tomorrow after Hiram came here to explain the situation. She could be fine.

When the two returned to the Gu family, just as they had expected, Michiko stayed there. The Gu family didn't blame Michiko for Emily's leaving home, instead, they were kind to her.

According to Hiram's story, Violet couldn't but feel sad about Michiko's suffering in the past. It was hard to imagine how she had overcome her inner anxiety to become what she was now.

So, when she saw Michiko, she gave her a big hug. She apologized and wanted to warm her.

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