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   Chapter 144 Chiyo And Michiko

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Actually, no one would care about it. But Chiyo was a good friend of Emily. Considering her attitude towards Michiko, the relationship of Emily and Chiyo might be beyond friendship. In current popular words, they were called 'bestie'. The position of the best friend was replaced, and Emily was naturally unwilling. As men, they couldn't understand this kind of feelings at all.

Hiram did not understand these feelings. The reason why he could understand Emily was because of what happened later.

"Michiko came to University A later and by that time, Chiyo was no longer staying in school. Michiko likes to joke, so she stayed at school as Chiyo. Your mother once thought that Michiko was Chiyo. At that time, there were a lot of people chasing your mother, and I was just one of them. As a matter of fact, Michiko was more like a matchmaker for us."

About the issue of their marriage, Michiko once told Violet about it. And it was proved by Hiram's words. It seemed that Michiko didn't lie.

"But her identity was fake after all. Your mother got angry when Michiko was exposed. Then their relationship got stiff. " Speaking of this, Hiram suddenly got excited. Hiram kept silent for a while and gently said, "Later, Chiyo was in an accident drown and died. This was the knot that never untied between them." At the thought of the death of that beautiful woman, Hiram could do nothing but sigh. When the many years' past were brought up again, he found himself was the same as Emily, which was hard to get over.

Terence and Violet finally understood the legendary story between the Gu family and Michiko, and the death of Chiyo was a pain in the heart of everyone. It was understandable that Emily did not like Michiko.

"Grandpa, grandma, did not know Michiko was not Chiyo, did they?" Violet discovered a loophole in Hiram's words and couldn't help asking.

Hiram calmed down and explained, "No, they know that. Later, Chiyo came to the Gu family with Michiko. After explaining their identities, everyone was relieved. Grandpa and grandma took Michiko as their sworn daughter, too."

That explained why they were so intimate with Michiko. They probably transferred all their love on Chiyo to Michiko.

Now she thought abo

e time."

Terence's words infuriated Hiram. He wondered why he had such a son. He was totally a penny pincher which did not like him at all. If it was not because of the face of Terence was the same as his, he would think that the child was held wrong in the hospital.

Although he had a good understanding of his son's capabilities, he still couldn't compare to the power of the Xiao family.

"How dare you investigate Xiao family?" Hiram said tentatively.

He knew that his father would change his mind if he asked this question. As long as he gave a good answer, Hiram would tell him the truth.

He couldn't find a good explanation if his father asked him like this yesterday. But today was different. He smiled and said, "To be frank, Jordan has found out some secret recently, the matter of the child of Xiao family twenty-six years ago."

This shocked Hiram greatly. Because those were all the things in the past that even he did not know.

"What else do you know?" Hiram asked, regardless of his attitude.

But Terence refused to say anything else. Staring at his father, he said, "I don't know exactly. It all depends on what you say."

Hiram didn't want to tell Terence anything about the Xiao family, but he didn't expect that his son was more capable than he imagined. He finally realized that his children had their own lives to live. It was better for Terence to do it than him.

Hiram let out a deep sigh and said, "Chiyo's boyfriend is Anthony Xiao's father."

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