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   Chapter 142 A Senior Officer Of The Xiao Family

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7682

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At lunch time, Terence proposed to have lunch at Violet's parents' home.

The Tang family's parents were very surprised. They just came back during Chinese new year a while ago. But why did they come back now? Violet said like a spoiled child. She missed her parents, which made them very happy. It would be the best if their daughter came back, and their son-in-law was back too. He could drink with her father.

"Dad, Terence has to drive, so he can't drink." Violet stopped him hurriedly. Her words made Liam's hand that was holding a glass of wine instantly stiff.

Violet didn't want to disappoint her father. But Terence had work to do in the afternoon. He wouldn't be able to work if he to drink too much wine.

Yet Terence took out a glass of wine and said, "It's okay. I'll drink with dad. Don't you know how to drive? " He seemed to trust Violet, which made her at a loss for words.

Liam also added, "I agree with him. You've learned how to drive. How can you not drive?"

"I..." Violet was dumbfounded. She became an outsider as the two ganged up.

Seeing her daughter like this, Melisa quickly comforted her and said, "It's okay. Let them drink. In the worst scenario, you can stay at home for one night."

Now that she couldn't persuade them to give up, Violet was willing to let go of her worries.

Liam had been a teacher for his whole life, and he was good at talking sense into words. These general principles had been heard for more than twenty years by Violet, which made her sleepy.

Terence thoughtfully asked her to sleep in the room for a while. He still had to drink some wine with his father in law.

Seeing this, Liam also said, "Go back to your bedroom and lie down. You'd better all leave when we men are talking." Not only Violet but also Melisa was driven out of the dining room. It sounded like they was going to discuss some important national affairs.

Melisa didn't want to make a fuss with him. Violet was disinclined to say more, so she returned to the room with a complacent look on Terence's eyes.

Last night and plus what she suffered in the office, she was exhausted. As soon as she touched the bed, she fell asleep.

Outside, Liam and Terence were having a nice chat.

"Violet was like a little bean in her childhood, she was so sma

es." He scratched his head and smiled at Melisa apologetically.

They had been married for half a lifetime. How could Melisa not know her husband's personality? Nothing could make people happier than knowing each other better.

It was getting dark when Violet woke up.

"Violet went back to the company first and he said he would pick you up after work," Melisa explained when she saw her coming out.

Violet yawned and asked her with a tired face, "Well, what time is it?"

"It's almost six o'clock," Melisa didn't want to disturb her daughter's sleep. She looked at her daughter with admiration.

When her daughter was living with her, she always thought when could her daughter be getting married? But she wanted to see her daughter every day after she got married. She got panicked when she couldn't see her daughter for a while.

Violet didn't think as much as her mother. She just woke up and didn't know what was going on, so she couldn't help but mutter, "I always feel very tired and sleepy recently."

Melisa's eyes lit up when she heard this. The longer she stared at Violet, the more excited she became. Even though Violet was not very sensitive, she sensed something different and asked curiously, "What's wrong?"

How could she see such strange eyes from her mother. She was like the meat on the chopping block, waiting to be slaughtered. Although she had never been that meat, she just felt that the meat's feeling would probably like this.

"When is your period coming?" Melisa pressed further.

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