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   Chapter 141 We Are Legitimate Couples

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Jordan stared at the woman behind Terence without a blink, as if there was a radar in his eyes. Although they were already dressed, according to his years of experience, he could tell something happened before. Especially judging by their furtive posture, he came to a conclusion that it was obvious that they had just finished the 'exercise' and were caught on the spot.

Violet hid herself well and her hair was messy, which made it difficult for Jordan to see her clearly. To be honest, he admired this woman very much. Now, Terence treated Violet as a treasure. It was not easy that this woman could still successfully seduce him.

But thinking of the relationship between Violet and Isla, he held a firm stand and swore that he would find out the chief criminal who tried to destroy other people's family and bring her to justice!

Seeing that Jordan was curious and his wife was shy, Terence directly pulled Violet over.

"Violet, it's you!" Finally, he figured out what the woman was like. He choked and spat the tea all over the table, making his face red.

"Go in and clean it up." Terence took Violet to the room in the inner room and persuaded her softly.

Violet nodded and rushed into the room without saying hello to Jordan. She thought that she must be blushing now. She was so ashamed!

Jordan coughed several times to make himself feel better.

It never occurred to him that Violet would show up here, and she and Terence even...

"I didn't know such a simple and kind girl can be change by you like this." He thought highly of Terence and couldn't help praising him.

It was a sincere praise. He also wanted to do it once outside with Isla, but she refused every time.

But Terence didn't know what kind of compliment it was, so he said in a bad tone, "Why are you here?" He paused for a moment and, out of fury, added, "If you don't give me a clear reason, I won't let you get out of here today!"

Originally, he had pretended to be so hard to coax his wife. It didn't matter that Jordan showed up to interrupt them. Who would get even with him if his wife didn't want to talk to him anymore?

Jordan knew that he was in the wrong, so he didn't

rence nodded and stroked her hair, feeling more and more sorry for her.

Without realizing his intention, Violet thought of what happened just now, covered her face and said sadly, "I felt so shame."

Terence was amused by her words and felt much more relaxed. His wife had such a joyful character. He was sure that her childhood was also happy. According to the information about Violet, she had a good-looking and happy smiling face when she was a child. Her father-in-law and mother-in-law must have taken good care of his wife.

Touching her head, Terence comforted her, "We are a legal couple, so he will be jealous of us."

Violet was amused by him and felt less wronged. Thinking of the baby's mother, she couldn't help but say with worry, "When will Isla agree to marry him?"

Speaking of that, even Terence felt powerless, and he only said, "My cousin is really troublesome." Fortunately, Violet was different from Isla.

His lover's arrival always made his work smooth. For the first time in his life, he felt that his work was still very easy even without Annus.

He lived a happy life here, but he didn't forget the safety of Annus. Just as he expected, the Xiao family wanted to replace Joyce with Annus. As long as they couldn't see Joyce, Annus would be fine. Joyce would be back to the Xiao family, and Annus would also be back to him. He wanted to take advantage of this time to figure out one thing, and it was about Violet.

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