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   Chapter 140 In The Office

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 5936

Updated: 2020-03-15 00:22

"I don't know what to do." Violet held her clothes tighter and protested in a low voice.

She looked like a helpless deer, making people feel protective and want to bite her. That was exactly what he thought, but he wanted her to take the initiative.

"You don't know? If you don't know, why don't you ask? " Terence let go of her and snapped back.

This time, his tone returned to normal, and there were even some traces of dissatisfaction.

Violet hurried to her feet and forced those thoughts out of her mind as she tried to please him, "Mr. Gu, what shall I do for you?" Her big bright eyes were blinking and it challenged his endurance. He took a deep breath, looking very cold. He threw a pile of documents and said, "Make ten copies of this document." Looking at a pile of five centimeter thick files, he acted as a capitalist as he ordered Violet.


She had never thought about why she would listen to him. Maybe it was because she was tend to be obedient in front of him, so she had no idea of resistance at all.

"What are you doing?" Terence said coldly.

Violet was about to leave with the documents.

Hearing Terence's voice, she turned around and asked in confusion, "Copy, isn't it?"

She went outside to copy. Was there anything wrong?

Her silly expression almost made him laugh. He gave a few quiet coughs to cover up his true feelings, and said in an even colder voice, "The printing machine is next to me." Looking into the direction where the voice came, Violet found that there was a small copy printer on the desk. She didn't notice it because it was too small and it was put on the desk in the corner.

Violet rolled her eyes at him when he wasn't noticing, and then picked up the files to copy.

The little printer could p

uments on the table to the door. The knock finally stopped.

Compared with the complete revealing of Violet, Terence's situation was much better. He zipped it up anytime and was already half finished. He put on the shirt again and only needed to button it up, which was complete.

"Don't worry. They dare not come in without my answer." As he dealt with his discomfiture, he comforted Violet at the same time.

After a lot of hard work, Violet finally tidied up herself. And everything would look perfect once she combed her hair.

At this time, the closed door was opened from the outside. Violet was surprised and hid behind Terence in a hurry.

"Get out!" Shouted Terence. And then Jordan came in, grinning cheekily.

He didn't care about Terence's anger at all. He even poured himself a cup of tea and then crossed his legs and bantered, "Wow, Mr. Gu, you are so busy that you even don't forget to relax yourself."

After putting on his clothes, Terence glared at him. Violet was so embarrassed that she even wanted to hide herself. It was lucky for her to be seen by others. But now, she was seen by Jordan. How could she still hold her head high in front of Isla!

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