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   Chapter 136 Sworn Father And Mother

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Terence frowned and said without disguise, "My mother is also a good mother." He was grateful for Michiko's help, but it didn't mean that Michiko would criticized his mother without scruple in front of him. No matter how much Emily hated Michiko, she was always the best mother in the heart of Terence.

"Oh, yes." Michiko was a little embarrassed and forced a few smiles. She turned to Violet and said in a soft voice, "Violet, be nice to your mother-in-law. She had a hard time."

What Michiko said was quite unreasonable. On one hand, she was blaming Emily, on the other hand, she made Violet treat her better. It was not supposed to came out from Michiko.

Sensing their confusion, Michiko smiled and said, "Let's go back,"

Then she got on the car.

Terence narrowed his eyes as he watched her leaving. It seemed that he needed to have a talk with his mother.

"What about Annus?" Violet suddenly thought of Annus's situation and asked.

However, Terence looked much more relaxed. He rubbed his head and said, "The Xiao family won't do anything to Annus before they find Annus."

He found that he became more and more fond of rubbing Violet's hair. The soft and gentle feeling was just like poppies which made him addicted.

When they arrived at the Gu family's house, Hiram and grandfather Gu also came back.

Maranda couldn't come back in time because of school affairs. And Neil had gone to another city, so it was impossible for him to come back.

"That was nothing else. He can't even come back to see his aunt. What kind of important thing he has to deal with?" Grandma Gu was complaining about Maranda who did not come back from school. As far as she was concerned, no matter what happened in the school and he should not delay the arrangement of going home because of it.

Michiko had been way for more than twenty years, and this issue was more important than anything else.

"It's said that a professor came back from abroad is very helpful to Maranda's work. He even took the president as his company. How could he refuse to present?" Tina explained for her son. She acted like a good daughter-in-law while persuading grandma to eat more.


uinted his eyes and thought, 'It seemed that the kid's father was a key point to the problem back then.' He had always thought that his parents loved each other deeply. He didn't expect that his parents could have such a secret. It had been so many years that Emily still couldn't let it go. So what happened that year should be a big thing.

The smile on Michiko's face froze, but she still maintained gentle, and she said in a soft voice, "Maybe he doesn't know." Her voice was trembling and her tone was flustered.

That man was the love of her life, and also a nightmare she could not get rid of. She thought she had been well prepared. But she had fallen apart at the mere mention of him.

At this moment, Michiko had sensed the man's influence on her. She had already forgotten this feeling, which was also a fatal blow to her.

"After all, as a father, he should also be responsible to the child. You should let him know." Grandpa Gu kindly reminded her.

Michiko suppressed her feelings and said, "Yes."

She was unable to hold herself not because of Grandpa's reminding, but because of her inner heart. After so many years, his influence on her never decreased. She hated her cowardice, and more resented that man's ruthlessness.

If there was any chance at that time, she would not choose to go far. If she had a second choice, she would rather choose to live a simple life.

"I'm full." Emily stood up suddenly and was about to leave.

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