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   Chapter 134 You Are Always A Young Girl

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7196

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"Sister-in-law, we haven't seen Michiko for so many years. Michiko is still as beautiful as before. We can't compare." There was no special meaning in Tina's greet. It was just a praise to the young and the beautiful of Michiko.

She was very familiar with this kind of social engagement and she had mentioned it a lot of times.

But now it became the target of Emily. She said with sarcasm, "Yes, isn't she young? The woman without given birth to children is always young."

The atmosphere suddenly became cold that uncle and Tina didn't know what to say. It seemed that Emily's scornful words made her a totally different person.

Although Gu family had no connection with Michiko, the company of Purified Company was well known to them all. Emily glanced through some newspapers by chance and found that Michiko was married to Mochizuki. Although they had not been in love for a long time, it was not a secret that they had no children.

Violet looked at Michiko. She saw that she was stunned. She tried her best to keep calm and put on a smile which made her even more beautiful. However angry Emily was, Michiko was not happy as well.

Violet could not bear to see such expression on Michiko's face. She didn't know what happened between Michiko and Emily, but she felt that Emily's behavior was a too aggressive. It had been more than twenty years that she still couldn't forgive Michiko. She even mocked and wronged Michiko in this way.

"I have found my daughter, sister." Michiko suddenly said with the same tenderness. She seemed not to feel the intentional injury from Emily, and the word 'sister' made countless bitter past slowly revealing.

Her words made everyone stunned, and Emily even widened her eyes and could not believe it. Only Violet knew it in advance that her face was calm.

"Have you found her? Where and what does she look like. I hugged her when she was a child. " Tina asked a series of questions excitedly, and her face could not hide the joy.

Tina's expression confused Violet even more. According to Emily's opinion of Michiko, every kindness Michiko showed was disguised intentionally. But Tina, the wi

y when they were alone. But in front of so many people, especially in front of Violet and Terence, Emily scolded her undisguised, regardless of her feelings. It was not a reproach, but a charge.

Even though she was furious, the good education kept her silent. She felt guilty to Emily, so she would not scold her. However, she could no longer stay here.

"I can help you whatever you want. I'm sure to help you." She stood up, completely ignoring Emily's dissuasion, and said to Terence.

Ignoring Emily, Terence was waiting for her to say so. He directly said, "Sure. This way, please." While saying that, he was about to walk outwards.

"Terence!" Emily also stood up and was very dissatisfied with what Terence did.

After all, she was his mother, and Terence could not completely ignore her. He had to turn back and explain, "Mom, it has something to do with Xiao family. Don't worry. I'll tell you when I come back." Once the Xiao family was involved, Emily seemed to lose all her strength. She muttered to herself, but she did not stop them.


"Honey, come here." Probably, Terence had found this inexplicable scene. He inevitably said to Violet when he saw her sitting on the side.

Violet felt helpless. She came close to him naturally when she heard him.

Michiko left, and so did Terence and Violet. There were only Sam, Tina and Emily in the house. The awkward atmosphere turned into silence.

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