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   Chapter 133 The Biological Daughter

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She didn't know Michiko, nor did she understand the relationship between her and the Gu family. She had to be careful in the face of such a confession of friendly.

Michiko took her hand and looked directly into her eyes, sincerely saying, "I've thought a lot of things that happened in the past that night. I spoke without careful diction. I'm sorry." Her apology was so sincere and natural. If Violet still refused, she might be too mean.

Violet shook her head.

"No, aunt Michiko. I mean aunt... The confusion of her title amused Michiko. She covered her mouth and said, "Ha-ha, you can call me whatever you like. I can't bear you to call me aunt."

There is an overtone in her words. Violet didn't want to know more about it. Grandma Gu's attitude was totally different from that of Emily. Michiko showed herself here. Was it a good thing or a bad thing?

"You are the sworn daughter of Gu family?" Violet asked.

Although it was a fact, she still felt it unreal.

"What? I'm not look like one?" Michiko joked.

Violet shook her head and looked calm.

"I just didn't expect it." It never occurred to her that the person who made Emily unhappy would make grandma happy like that.

In Violet's impression, grandma Gu seldom smiled. If she smiled, she still looked serious. She knew that grandma was only pretending to be fierce, but in fact, she was kinder than anyone else.

She thought this was her real identity, but today she saw a totally different grandmother because of Michiko's coming.

It turned out that she could also laugh happily and be one of them. Unfortunately, neither of them knew it.

Hearing that, Michiko smiled. She had not expected that, not to mention Violet.

"Actually, I knew Terence's father first, and then his mother. To be honest, I am their matchmaker. After I came back to Japan, our relationship was broke up." When she recalled the past, there were sweetness and warmth in her mind, but more sadness and sorrow.

She was reluctant to re

er words and said, "Isn't she my sworn aunt?" Hearing this, Emily was a little stunned.

It seemed that she remembered the past and couldn't help saying

"Grandma told you that?"

"Yes." Violet didn't hide anything. How could she know about it if someone hadn't told her.

Upon hearing this, Emily was a little calm, but she was still a little angry.

"She is not a good person. Don't get so close to her." She seemed to be quite afraid of Michiko, her elegance was no longer there. Hatred filled her mouth. "She can fool your grandma around. But she can't fool me around. Don't take the connection between her and the Gu family so seriously. That was all her tricks."

Perhaps, it was the surprised expression on Violet's face, Emily came to realized something and said, "Kids don't know anything about it. Just stay away from her."

It was obvious that she didn't want to talk much, so Violet didn't ask more. She honestly agreed.

"Okay." She didn't care much about the issues of the older generation. She wouldn't contact her as long as Michiko did not get close to her.

When Violet and Emily went downstairs, her uncle and aunt Tina had already come back. They sat on the sofa with Michiko, seeming to have a good talk. Emily's face became cold all of a sudden. Even Violet could clearly feel her impatience.

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