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   Chapter 132 The Adopted Daughter

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7497

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"Okay, you win. Come with me." Then he drove away.

In a hurry, the Xiao family got on the car and went after them. It didn't matter if they lost contact with Terence, because they were afraid that he would blame them for not following them.

Soon, Terence drove to Annus's house.

Annus moved out and lived alone since he became an adult, so he had no relationship with the Gu family.

That was why Terence admired Annus. Many secretaries were using Gu family's power to get promoted. Annus, was unmoved and willing to be a secretary despite everything.

Until now, Terence was also confused. He could only take it as an explanation that Annus was grateful the Gu family.

"Where is he?" Asked the Xiao family, who didn't see Annus.

But Terence didn't take their words seriously. He sneered, "This is his room. As for him, an adult with strong ability to take care of himself, where can I find him?" Terence was playing dumb. Seeing that, the Xiao family turned to leave.

He had made great effort to entice them here, he wouldn't allow them to come and go at their wills. The Xiao family had no power to fight back since Terence chose to fight. They lay on the ground, howling in pain.

"Terence, the Xiao family won't let you get away with it!" The man on the ground was still threatening him, but Terence didn't care.

Since he chose to move, he wouldn't expect the Xiao family would let him go.

At this time, the Gu family ushered in a special guest.

"Aunt Michiko?" Violet opened the door in shock.

The Gu family were worried about Violet living in the building alone, so they asked her to move back. Violet knew that they were caring about her so she moved to live with them in order to save Terence from any worries.

She was in an elegant light green suit with a coat of the same color. Behind her, there were a few men dressed in black suits, which made her look too aloof to approach.

"Violet, are you all right?" Michiko was as gentle and beautiful as usual, but when Violet knew her true identity, she didn't dare to agree with her judgment on her appearance.

The helpless looks of those men in the basement were still clear in her mind. Those men were taken away by Michiko's men before handed ove

for a long time, she learned more of their past.

It turned out that Michiko was once saved grandma Gu when she was studying in China. And she impressed Mr. Gu deeply. At that time, it was popular to identify the relative by sworn in, so their relationship as sworn daughter and parent was confirmed.

However, it had been more than twenty years since Michiko had left. When she came back again, grandma was so touched.

"Girl, I'm free of worry to know that you are happy. You can stay here for a few more days. Let's ask all my children and grandson and granddaughter to come back to welcome you." Grandma Gu still spoiled Michiko, and treated her as a real family. As she spoke, she was about to ask his servant to make a call.

"Godmother, that is too much troublesome." Michiko hesitated.

When she came to the Gu family, she was not sure how much people would like her except grandma and grandpa Gu. She knew clearly who she was.

Grandma Gu didn't allow her to refuse, and with a wave of her hand, she directly declared, "Not at all!"

After all, grandma Gu was an old lady, so she decided to take a nap after lunch. Violet came to the yard and found that the men that followed Michiko had gone back. The sunshine was warm. Sitting on the chair, Violet just felt so happy.

Michiko also walked out. She came directly to Violet and sat down beside her.

"Violet, are you still mad at me?" She looked as gentle as in the beginning.

"No, I didn't," Violet said flatly.

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