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   Chapter 131 Gu family

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7497

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Gu family had always been spoony, and he also suspected whether Terence was mistaken in his arms, or maybe he was different? Why were there so many gossips? He felt ashamed even by those old comrades.

Fortunately, Terence did not let him down in the end. He finally found an adorable woman.

He was aware of the change in Terence, and believed that it was all because of Violet.

"What? I... " Violet didn't expect that Mr. Gu would ask about her. She was in a panic for a moment, but she quickly calmed down and said clearly, "I will listen to Terence."

Her answer made people hard to refute.

Grandpa Gu looked at Terence with a questioning look.

"Me? I just want her to pay me back for what she has done to my wife. " Terence said casually.

If she owed someone, she had to pay for it. But the Xiao family was not willing to pay.

Grandpa had known Terence since he was a child, so he knew exactly what was in his mind. Mr. Gu was very pleased to see that Mr. Gu and Violet Tang had such a good relationship, but he still warned, "Don't kill her. Xiao family is not that simple."

He seemed to acquiesce in his plan.

"Yes." With a military salute, Terence agreed with his grandpa's wise decision.

"You bastard! You always make trouble for me!" Mr. Gu had always been cold in front of other peoples. Only when he was with his grandson, he would scold them with a smile.

As time went by, people always hoped to be surrounded by children. Therefore, even though Terence didn't look very well when he was a little boy, now he seemed to have changed into another person.

Mr. Gu then waved to Terence and said, "You may leave now. Violet will stay here with me."

"Grandpa, why did you leave my wife alone?" But Terence didn't agree.

Grandpa Gu stared at him and said angrily, "Well, don't go out, lest I bully your wife." Mr. Gu was full of resentment when he said this. 'You just forget your grandpa after getting married.'

"Grandpa." Violet called him in an ingratiating way, pulled Terence aside and said, "You go out first."

Terence was discouraged and didn't want to go out. Mr. Gu waved his hand and said, "Well, it's nothing to be ashamed of."

So Terence stayed, Mr. Gu laughed and shook his head.

is marriage must be nourished by love, the mix of body and heart.

And Violet was the one he had been looking for.

Marriage was not only his promise, but also his lifelong pursuit.

To their surprise, after failing to find Joyce, they found the surveillance video of the street corner. Even though the distant relative of the Xiao family didn't know Annus, the others certainly knew him.

When the Xiao family came to ask Terence for help with evidence, his casual words could drive them away.

"Annus is not my family. Uncle Xiao, you must have made a mistake."

Terence didn't take the so-called evidence seriously. Joyce could disappear for no reason, but who said that Annus couldn't disappear?

"Terence, let's talk about you later. It's not a secret that Annus has been adopted by your family. If you don't know him whereabouts, your grandmother must know. " Apparently, the Xiao family members were also smart. Several words had already made Annus had an inseparable connection with the Gu family.

Annus was adopted by the Gu family when he was ten, and he was still under the name of Grandma Gu. So, according to the law, Annus was actually Terence's uncle.

The Gu clan did not conceal the fact. However, Annus didn't want to rely on the Gu family's power, so he chose to be a secretary in the name of Terence. Therefore, it was not a surprise for Terence that the Xiao family found out the relationship. But he didn't want to bother his grandmother because of this.

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