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   Chapter 129 Collusion Between Government Officials And Business Owners

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To everyone's surprise, the short man suddenly said, "I'm just a distant relative. I don't contact Xiao family in daily life. Besides, I think it's not humiliating to be a security guard!"

With a sense of social rank for a long time, he was quite clear about what kind of people they would say. It was a chance for him to help Xiao family. If he could do it, he could be promoted in the future.

The Xiao family had a favorable impression on the man. At first, they had no choice but to do so, but now it was the most important thing for the whole family.

"It seems that you care about Xiao family very much. How long have you been keeping an eye on Joyce in secret? Does Joyce's disappearance have anything to do with you?" Terence's words made sense.

This time, the man was even more panicked.

"No, I didn't. I only see that you come to Miss Gu's house frequently. As for what happened last night, I just saw it by chance. " He shouted, but his inner heart was exposed more.

Since the Xiao family were all powerful, Terence's guess made them understand a lot at once. They was no longer touched by the short man.

Since Terence had achieved his goal, he changed the topic.

"Are you so sure it's my car?" Terence was too relaxed to be more nervous than the short man That's why some people started to change their minds. After all, if a man really did something wrong, he would definitely do something when facing so many people coming for him.

However, Anthony just disdained to think so, because they didn't know Terence well.

"I can see you drive from time to time." The short man said nervously. He had a hunch that he would say more wrong words, which sounded like a trap. And Terence's words was seemed nothing wrong, but he couldn't watch out.

Kari, sensing the short man's lack of strength, immediately stood out to stop him.

"That's enough. You can't change the fact that you took Joyce away. Hand her over. " They were coming here for Joyce, not to let anyone in the Gu family for questioning.

Craig looked pale. Anyone else who had involved this thing wouldn't let him so worried. But just bec

ous again. The grandmother Gu gave Hiram a look, and he said in a hurry, "I don't know where she is. She didn't answer my phone."

What Hiram said was true. Since the Xiao family came, grandma Gu called the younger generation to go home one by one. Except for those who could not come back from work, there were only Jasmine and Terence.

Terence had turned off his phone, but failed to get through to Jasmine. However, Mr. Hiram didn't say anything about it. Early last night, Emily received a call from Jasmine, who said that she was going to have a meeting abroad and would come back after a period of time.

In fact, it wasn't the first time for Jasmine to defy her. Emily was not angry at all. But when it came to Xiao family, it was afraid that things were not that simple. Only Terence's parents and grandparents knew Jasmine's call, so everyone believed what Hiram said.

The Xiao family didn't think the same way.

They only thought that the Gu family had to cover up for Jasmine.

"Since we can't find her, let's do them a favor." Then Craig turned to Kari and said, "Kari, where is Louis? He is in the police station. Ask him to look for Jasmine. And that I won't worry about Jasmine."

Grandpa Craig said with absolute momentum, without a word of anger, but made the Gu family realize that something ruthless.

"Okay, I'll let Louis find her." Kari directly walked out with the phone in his hand.

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