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   Chapter 127 Morning, My Sleeping Beauty

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Violet looked at Terence in disbelief. She had never thought that he would tell the truth. But when he spoke it out, she found that she had been overthinking.

It didn't mean that he didn't like her or disappointed her. He just did everything to protect her when she didn't know it.

The uneasiness and grievances in the past few days suddenly exploded. Looking at Terence's eyebrows, she felt a flood in her chest at this moment. She threw herself into his arms without saying a word and began to cry.

She did cry loudly and not liked the normal crying. His chest was covered in tears, and he couldn't help but shed tears. They hugged each other for a long time.

After a long time, Violet finally relieved. She held his face with both hands and said slowly, "Terence, I hate you.

I hate you for you wanted to marry me at the first sight of me.

I hate you because of the gossips.

I hate you. You don't want to talk about anything with you.

I hate you...

So many things."

Terence's eyes dimmed in an instant, but before he could react, Violet continued saying, "Terence, I hate you but I love you."

Then she put her lips on his, kissing him gently and carefully like what he did before.

Terence had never been treated so gently by his wife. Now his heart was beating fast. He stood still and let Violet kiss him. Unlike Terence, Violet's kiss was unique and charming.

His heart seemed to be pricked by a needle every time she kissed him from the corner of his mouth to the tip of his nose. In the end, he desired for a kiss very much, but he couldn't wait to hold her in his arms and turned over, falling on the bed with her in his arms.

Under him, Violet was staring at him, wide eyed. Her thick eyelashes slowly swept across his heart, and then dropped on his lips eagerly.

Violet was totally lost in this familiar feeling and gentle touch.

"Violet, let's have a child." His voice was with a bewitching taste and he kissed gently on her ear.

Violet closed her eyes. S

her head down.

After dinner, Terence wanted to drive her home, but Violet was not willing to do so this time.

"I also want to go back with you." She said bluntly.

Terence frowned and said, "Be a good girl. I can handle it." While saying that, he was about to open the car door.

Violet had made up her mind to get back together with Terence, so she didn't want any misunderstandings between them. Besides, she was going to the Gu family, not a dangerous place. She didn't want herself know nothing about her husband.

"Is the Gu family also in danger? You are willing to be honest to me, and I want to go through this together with you. " She didn't hide her feelings. She loved him wholeheartedly. Did she have to hide anything?

Even though Terence frowned and stared at her, she didn't want to show weakness.

The two stared at each other for a long time, and then Terence continued, "Get in the car." There was no room for negotiation between the two.

"I..." Violet felt wronged. She just wanted to stand by his side. Why didn't he give her such a chance?

Violet put her hand on her cheek, like a squirrel eating food, Terence couldn't help laughing and sighed, "To the Gu family's house."

"Yes." Violet Tang's eyes lit up immediately, her eyes laughing like a crescent moon. She became lively from head to toe.

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