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   Chapter 126 To Express The Wish

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Unfortunately, Joyce forgot Terence's temper.

Terence did not talk nonsense with her but made a gesture to drag some men in at once. Violet was shocked. She didn't know the man but the man in the front her who had kidnapped her and she hurt his eyes.

It was obvious that these men's identities.

If Violet hadn't remembered him so clearly, she probably wouldn't have recognized him. As they were disheveled and badly battered, they were no worse than beggars in the street. Without the help of anyone, they all knelt down, looking at each other with confused eyes, like puppets.

Seeing these people's expression, Joyce immediately became nervous. She didn't even dare to look at them. She leaned on the wall pitifully and begged Terence.

"Terence, they're so scary. Please let them go. I'm so scared..."

Under this circumstance, Joyce still had feelings for Terence, and she even wishfully thought that he would protect her. But now, she was not as energetic and vigorous as she used to be. She was not only worried, but more afraid.

"Who are they?" Terence asked coldly.

Joyce was stunned. She looked at the leader timidly, and tried to calm down.

"I don't know."

Her expression had already shown her nervousness, but she still didn't realize it and hoped for her luck.

Terence took a glimpse at Violet through the corner of his eyes and found that she was wearing a calm expression. He frowned and looked at Joyce with a hint of unkindness in his eyes.

"Joyce, it's your last chance because we grew up together." People who knew him would never exaggerate. This was his last warning.

Of course, Joyce knew what he meant. She hesitated. On the one hand, she thought that Terence dared not to do anything to her because of Xiao family's interference. But on the other hand, he was never a person who was willing to be controlled. He never did things without absolute certainty.


Hearing her hesitation, Terence added, "What's more, they kidnapped a person, the wife of the chief of the Purified Company, Matsumoto Mi

ked at him peacefully, but he seemed to get the power of tenderness from her eyes. He frowned and said, "Isla has come to me. She said that I shouldn't hide anything from you since I wanted to know everything about you. "

He didn't mention that Isla had made a scene in his office. With the child in her belly, she had nothing to fear.

Violet was stunned. She had no idea about it at all.

Terence didn't think it was Violet who asked Isla to do so because he knew his distant cousin better than anyone else. He had thought a lot after Isla left.

He had never thought of telling a woman about his whereabouts. But Isla's words made him hesitate. Indeed, all he wanted was Violet but he never gave it a thought. Perhaps that was the misunderstanding.

He didn't want any misunderstanding and divorce with her. He didn't want to lose her.

"I caught Joyce last night and sent her here. I wasn't at home these days because I had to negotiate with the Xiao family. The Xiao family will soon find out that Joyce is in my hands. In order not to let them disturb you, so I didn't go home these days. I have put some safety guards around the neighborhood. You are safe there. But you can't go to work these days. You have to endure it. "

He spoke out all his plans, and didn't think it was inappropriate. It was a happy thing to express his full wish to his love.

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