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   Chapter 125 Mysterious Basement

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Hitting Terence in the face. They looked differently at the moment.

Kevin was reluctant to it, and he tried his best to keep calm.

Although Violet was angry, she was more angry at the appearance of Terence.

On the contrary, Terence was quiet. He lowered his head and no one knew what he was thinking about.

The atmosphere was stiff to the top. Violet also did not want to be angry. She helped Terence up and wanted to see how he would react.

But Terence held her hand and said gently, "Violet, go back with me."

He looked a little tired. To her surprise, she saw a touch of injury on him. It's not because of Kevin, but of her.

Violet nodded her head in a sweet way. She looked at Kevin into his eyes and shook her head, indicating him not to stop her.

Though outraged, Kevin could do nothing but to stand there.

When they got in the car, Terence didn't say a word. He started the car and didn't know where to go.

"Shall we wait for Annus?" Violet tried to change the topic.

She didn't know since when she would feel awkward with Terence alone. It was not completely awkward, but not a very awkward feeling.

The next second, without uttering a single word, he closed his mouth, trying to suppress something.

Thinking of the fact that he didn't have to get punched by Kevin just now, Violet shut her mouth up obediently. No matter what happened to him, he still cared about her. Again, Violet truly felt the love from Terence.

They arrived at a remote courtyard after a short while. The place was surrounded by white fences, and in the middle of it was a villa style house. It looked like the cottages behind the "Star Flag Club" The only difference was that the security here was heavily guarded, and Terence's car passed through layers of passes before reaching the gate.

"Get off the car."

Finally, he said that for the first time since they got on the car.

Violet got out of the car in a hurry and followed closely behind him. Every one meter here stood a guard in black. They looked solemn with solemn faces.

Violet had never seen this kind of posture, so she thought it should be ver

ngs here. A dim yellow light shone everywhere. It was probably the only light here.

Joyce sat straight. She looked no longer excited. Instead, she was like an arrogant princess, waiting for her servants.

Violet didn't expect that Joyce was here. As far as the present situation was concerned, it was the place where Terence held people. There was no news happening outside, and no one knew where Joyce was, let alone she was with Terence.

Two strong men brought in two chairs and put them behind Terence and Violet, then they stood beside Joyce, while the rest of them stood on both sides, posed a posture of interrogation.

Violet had no idea what Terence was going to do. She could only sit beside him and watch him.

After saying something to Violet, he walked up to Joyce and said coldly, "Tell me, what have you done these days?" His tone was cold, as if it was a sound from hell, causing tension to gather in the bottom of people's heart.

It was the first time for Violet to see a man like this. She suddenly realized that, for what he had done that night, Terence had gone easy on her.

"I will play around with Jasmine these days, but you kidnapped me here for no reason. If grandpa and grandma know that, they won't let you go." At the moment, Joyce was not afraid at all. Her tone of begging was more of a threat.

Since she was the beloved daughter of the Xiao family, she had nothing to fear.

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