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   Chapter 124 Be Obedient

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Sheryl was still immersed in her stage, so she couldn't see the difference of Violet. Plus Violet's congratulation, she only felt happy. She thought that when she finally fully presented her own song, and got such a huge reflection, she was so happy.

Actually, Violet could cheated Sheryl, but she could not cheated Kevin. He also knew that she didn't want to make Sheryl worried, so he didn't say anything more. However, it was not the right time to ignore something.

"Hi, Mr. An!" Sheryl ran towards Kevin excitedly.

Kevin frowned unconsciously, wondering who would be called like that.

Violet had already become a jack of straw. She stood there and stared at that man, trying her best to make herself not so sad.

Kevin turned around with a frown. He had no special feelings for Annus. But when it came to Terence, he was not that calm.

"Wow, it's Mr. Gu. Mr. Gu, are you also interested in my beauty contest? I wonder what your wife will think. "

Kevin guessed about Terence's plan. He wanted to let Violet know his real intention so that she wouldn't be cheated and know nothing about Terence.

There were no woman beside him anymore. Terence would treat Kevin as air except the workplace. Terence didn't plan to care Kevin. He walked directly toward Violet.

"Go home."

He said it without hesitation.

He took her arm and turned away, ignoring her will. Therefore, Violet stumbled and fell over the ground.

"Hey, she doesn't want to leave. Don't force her." Kevin stepped forward to stop him. He was pissed off to see how obedient Violet was.

Violet had always been good at showing her claws in front of him, but now she was like a sheep in front of Terence. She dared not say anything even though he was unwilling to. This kind of Violet made Kevin angry and unwilling to part.

Terence glanced at Kevin and said in a disdainful tone.

"This is our family affair. It's none of your business."

He said as he grabbed Violet's hand and w

child would believe that kindness could return, and Annus was more keen to solve the problem on his own.

When Sheryl stood in front of Annus, he changed into the warm "Mr. Annus".

Terence didn't stop until he took Violet to the parking lot. Kevin was hard to catch up with them.

"Mr. Gu, is it also your manner to treat a woman like this?" Kevin rushed to stand in front of Terence and asked.

He just wanted to set himself against Terence. He didn't like Terence, and he wouldn't let him take his woman away.

Terence glared at him coldly. He didn't want to waste any time in arguing with Kevin. Instead, he raised his fist and gave him a heavy punch.

Even though Kevin had worried about Violet, he won't be beaten up in vain. He responded quickly and punched back, but was dodged by Terence. Kevin was so angry that he raised his fists to punch him.

Terence didn't want to tangle with Kevin, but he had a little helpless because he took Violet's hand. Restless as Kevin was, it was the first time for him to fight with someone like Terence. Kevin didn't notice that his fist was moving towards Violet.

It was too late for him to stop.

At this critical moment, Terence hurriedly pulled Violet over, but because of inertia, he resisted Kevin's fist.


The whole world quieted down.

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