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   Chapter 123 The Outstanding Performance

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Sheryl was a beautiful girl who cried a lot just now. Her light make-up perfectly mixed with color made her look like a young woman to be married. The elegant and classic cheongsam set off her delicate figure with an hourglass figure, and a burning flame rose from the heart of Kevin slowly.

He looked at Violet eagerly to stop the disturbance in her heart.

"Get ready. You can get on the stage." It seemed that he was talking to Violet, but his peripheral vision had been peeking at Sheryl. He didn't expect that a seemingly weak little girl could be so shrewd.

Kevin was such a scheming man that he wouldn't let anyone to see through him.

While Sheryl and Violet were immersed in the charm of the cheongsam, they didn't expect that there was a pervert staring at them.

Sheryl went onto the stage. Her wonderful performance aroused applause. Even standing beside many beauties, she was still the most eye-catching one. Violet stood at the backstage and felt a sense of relief when she saw her glowing Sheryl.

"You aren't need to be so graceful."

Kevin stood in front of her and said.

It was then that Violet remembered the greatest contribution of this farce. She had always been grateful. Even for the sake of Sheryl, she would not be stingy with her gratitude.

"Thank you." She said in a low voice and looked at him calmly.

The words "Thank you" were never let Kevin felt happy before. But it was like a sweet candy floating in Violet's mouth. Violet didn't say anything and she didn't respond. Then he turned to look at Sheryl.

From the perspective of Violet, Kevin would ask for something when he helped someone. As Violet ask him to help her to find Mr. Stephen, Kevin was not selfless man. His silence only made Violet more nervous.

After a wonderful appearance, Sheryl began to prepare for the talent show.

"Violet!" She held Violet's hands excitedly, nervous and excited. She seemed to have thousands of words to express, but she was too excited to say anythi

, not even knowing that she had come back to the backstage.

"You two look like sisters standing on the stage. You are really eye-catching." Kevin didn't notice her unusual reaction. He looked so proud as if Violet was his property, which made himself only feel happy.

Sheryl stepped off the stage with her. But she didn't notice that.

"Thank you, Mr. Kevin." Sheryl expressed her gratitude generously. Actually, she didn't know Kevin's identity. She only thought that he was the person who Violet had brought to help her. He was solved these troubles, so he must be a nice person. And Kevin was a handsome man. Though his crew cut looked sinister, he had a pair of smart eyes which captured Sheryl's eyes.

"It's not a big deal. Don't worry." Kevin said causally. His eyes, however, were brimming with righteous indignation. It seemed that he was eager to get Violet's rewards.

Violet had something on her mind, so she couldn't see his face. At this moment, Kevin also noticed her abnormality. Kevin asked, "What's wrong?"

In his eyes, Violet had always been bright and cheerful. He had never seen her like this.

Violet raised her head to look at him, with mixed feelings in her eyes. However, she shook her head and said nothing. She took Sheryl's hand and said gently, "I'm very proud to have a sister like you."

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