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   Chapter 121 Good Girl, Tell The Good Brother Everything

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7452

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"Who knows if he is the only child? Besides, even if he is the only child, they may be in some relative relationship. There must be something going on between them. Otherwise, Mr. Kevin wouldn't be so nervous," the other one hastily denied.

All of them fell into silence because they had guessed the same thing.

"Come on, guys. Don't guess anymore. The most important thing is to find the girl. If the competition will be suspended because of her, then we will be the real foil of her important." A young girl in a red cheongsam came over not far away. Her makeup was delicate, and her skin was white. The white shawl on her shoulder added charm to the red cheongsam, forming a unique charm.

She looked arrogant, but her tone was very calm. The moment she finished her words, everyone in the living room looked for Sheryl with respect.

The girl's eyes flashed with toughness, but soon calmed down.

Everyone started to move, even including the corners. With their own thoughts, finding Sheryl had become their common wish.

Violet searched every room. She didn't know what had happened to Sheryl, but she knew it must be something bad. She could not think of anything that would make such an open-minded person choose to disappear. All sorts of bad ideas flooded into her mind. She wanted to stop them, but she couldn't.

Though they dared not neglect Kevin's order, it would made Sheryl become the center of criticism if this competition would be suspended because of her.

All their efforts would be in vain. Besides, this competition did not just a competition between contestants, but all the contestants' families would be present. Children from every family were the apple of the parents' eye. None of them would bear to see their children be wronged.

"Sheryl, where are you? Come out quickly..." She prayed as she looked for Sheryl, hoping to see her the next moment.

"Yes, we found her!"

It was not sure if it was Violet's pray was heard or the overwhelming power of so many people working together, Sheryl was found.

But Violet didn't see Sheryl.

"She is in the ladies' room. I have tried my best to persuade her to come out. But she wouldn't," a girl who looked like an contestant said an

would be disqualified to participate in the competition directly.

"Do you know who did it?" There was a dignify composure in Kevin at this moment. The image of this tranquility didn't conform to his past image as a spendthrift playboy.

Violet was not in the mood to care about this, but she was not a reckless person. She said, "The one who did it must be one of the contestants. There are only seven other contestants except Sheryl. It's not difficult to get an answer." Suddenly, she the change in Kevin. So she changed her topic as she said, "I don't think you won't help, do you?" Her obvious suspicion hurt Kevin greatly. He sacrificed his whole heart on her, but it turned out that he still failed to win her trust. But hell, he liked Violet. What else could he do?

"I... You are good at using others. Of course, I will help you. Because I have the same last name with this girl. I have to help, but it's not what you want to do." Kevin took the cheongsam out of Violet's hand and walked up to Sheryl and asked, "Good girl, tell the good brother, where did you put the cheongsam?"

He returned to his carefree look. And that was the real Kevin in Violet's heart.

"I..." Sheryl didn't know Kevin. And he did not looked like someone who could handle it seriously, so she could not help but hesitate. Seeing that Violet nodded, she said, "I have been bring it along with me all the time. Only when I got changed I left for a while. When I came back, it was like this."

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