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   Chapter 120 The Majesty Of The President

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They didn't talk on the way. When they arrived at the Mega City of Higher Education, Violet directly got out of the car. She didn't even bother to talk to Kevin. She got the site of Sheryl's competition without much effort.

As it was an afternoon competition, the stage had been fully prepared. Many onlookers were waiting at the scene, and the media were also standing in the front row. Numerous flashlights were aimed at the stage, seeming to attract a lot of attention.

As the competition was about to start, Violet went to the backstage immediately. Unexpectedly, she was stopped at the door.

"Sorry, this is the backstage, and outsiders are forbidden to enter. If you like our campus belle, please wait in the hall. Our show is about to begin." The security guard was very polite, but obviously he refused her entrance to the back stage.

He was tall and strong, wearing black uniform, with black remote earphones in his ears. His narrowed little eyes were brimming with radiating vigor, making it difficult for people to get close to him.

"No, I'm a friend of Sheryl. I'm here to cheer her up," Violet explained.

But the guard at the door didn't let her in, and he sounded harsher.

"Sheryl? There is no contestant named Sheryl here. You'd better go to the front to have a look. Perhaps she had been knocked down in the previous rounds."

The big difference in his attitude confused people. Violet was confused. She thought there was no need for Sheryl to lie about this. The only possibility was that the security guard made a mistake.

She didn't pester him but took out her phone and called Sheryl. The ring tone rang for a long time, but Sheryl didn't answer.

"Friends, students, there is only fifteen minutes left before our competition starts. Please calm down. "

At the front desk, the host announced. Time was pressing, but no one answered the phone. On the other hand, Violet thought that Sheryl was waiting for her in the backstage. If she couldn't see her, she would be anxious. She only explained to the security once again and again.

But no matter what she said, the security guard told her there was no one called Sheryl.

"What happened?" Kevin suddenly walked towards them. He frowned and his face darke

ront of Kevin, he put on a servile face. His words worked. Violet didn't lose her temper anymore.

That was right, the most important thing right now was to find Sheryl.

Violet ran into the back stage like a gust of wind. Kevin also followed her in a hurry. He merely paid a little attention to Andrew when he walked passed him.

Violet ran all around the backstage, but did not see Sheryl. Fortunately, after inquiring other contestants, everyone told her that Sheryl indeed won in the last round, but they didn't know where she went.

Since Sheryl was here, there was no reason that they could not find her.

Seeing that Violet was anxiety, Kevin asked all the people to stop their work to look for Sheryl. He didn't believe that a living person, who was still there just now, could disappear all of a sudden?

As a boss, the only thing he could do was to follow the rhythm of his work. Even if he was wrong, others had to do it.

If he couldn't find her, the game would be suspended.

People didn't know that what he had done was all because of Violet's anxiety. They misunderstood that Sheryl had a sweet relationship with him. Both of them had the surname of An, which was easy to associate.

"Is Sheryl Mr. Kevin's sister?" While searching, the contestants talked to each other.

"Isn't Mr. Kevin the only child?" A competitor did not think so. She could personally see Sheryl buy goods that was off-the-rack. How could the daughter of the An group fall into such a situation?

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