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   Chapter 119 Don't Be So Naughty

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"Congratulations! You are going to realize your dream!" Violet Tang cheered.

She liked Sheryl very much, not only because of her personality, but also her obsession with her dream. Work in the medical care department was easy and clean, which was the dream of many people. However, to pursue her dream, Sheryl was determined to give up this dreamy job. That was her courage and determination.

People who had dreams were always powerful.

Sheryl was also excited over the phone. She talked a lot about the competition, but her voice was low in the end.

"Sister Violet, the organizers are going to invite their families to the scene and tell them some experience about music." Her voice came through intermittently. It sounded like she was in a bad mood.

"What's wrong?" Violet was confused. Wasn't it a good thing to invite parents to the scene?

Sheryl's voice became sadder and sadder. She sighed deeply as if her heart was extremely painful.

"You know, my parents don't allow me to choose a music career. I even came here without telling them. "

"So, are you going to hide it from them all the time?"

This time, Violet was shocked. She knew that Sheryl's parents didn't like her to sing, but she didn't expect that Sheryl would play the game without telling them. She didn't think she had the same courage. But it was not good to conceal the truth from her parents.

"No. I think at least I can tell them when I enter the final to compete for the champion. I will show them that I am capable. If I didn't make it to the finals, then there would be nothing to regret, and they wouldn't know. Isn't it good that everyone is happy then?" Sheryl felt very helpless. On the one hand, she was obstructed. On the other hand, she had a strong desire. She couldn't have both, and she had to give up on one.

Violet could understand this. If her parents did not allow her to be a nurse, she would certainly resist.

"So, who are looking for to attend the conversation as your family?" She thought of inviting a family member, and could probably guess the purpose of Sheryl's call.

Sure enough, Sheryl said, "Hey, sister Violet, I heard that you asked for leave?

e a taxi." Violet thanked him politely. She didn't want to have anything to do with Kevin. So she stretched out her hand in ready to catch a taxi.

Kevin did not allow her to do that, he grabbed Violet into his car. Violet was no match for him. Besides, it was in front of the neighborhood gate and she didn't want to be recognized by others. She did not resist too violently so she was thrown into the passenger seat directly.

Violet wanted to open the car door. But Kevin was faster than her. He locked the door, so no matter how hard she tried, she failed to open the door. She had no choice but to beg him to let her go.

"Kevin, I really have something to do Stop it!"

Kevin was determined. He didn't plan to talk to her and drove off directly.

"I have promised her. I have to be there!" Violet had a bad temper. She didn't have any good feeling towards Kevin. His tough attitude made her look down upon it. But as the saying went, 'You have to be humble when you're trapped in an inferior situation'. In order to make sure that she didn't get herself into any trouble, she lowered her voice.

Kevin always cared about girls' feelings. He saw Violet's anxiety, he could not help saying, "Don't worry. I know you want to go to the mega city of higher education. I'm driving you there now."

Violet gave him a stern look. She had to give up, since they were indeed heading for the right direction. Never mind. I would take it as a free ride.

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