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   Chapter 118 . Becoming Farther And Farther Away

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Hearing this, Isla was sure that it was Joyce who did that.

"She is under the control of the Xiao family now, isn't she?" Although Violet guessed it in her mind, she was not so sure about it.

"What kind of control? To put it bluntly, it's all an excuse for the Xiao family to protect her. I don't know what method does Joyce apply recently, she often goes to some public occasions recently. It seems that she is not afraid of anything at all."

At the mention of Joyce, Isla couldn't hold back her anger. But she used her family background to bully people and trampled on the dignity of others in the name of 'love'. What kind of lady was that. If not for the Xiao family, she was nothing.

"Isla, do you have any way to investigate the kidnapping?" Violet bit her lower lip and said with hesitation.

Isla was completely confused, "Isn't Terence investigating? I can only depend on Jordan. They must be investigating it."

Hearing this, Violet nodded her head without saying anything, but a sad and disappointed expression appeared on her face. Looking at her distracted look, Isla suddenly remembered the words that she asked for a divorce before she ran away from home. She was finally found. Hadn't she thought about it after so many things happened?

"Violet, what happened? You... Are you really going to divorce Terence?" Since the very beginning, Isla hadn't been optimistic about the relationship between Violet and Terence from the. It was not because of their family background and personality. Who was Terence? He was the most outstanding young master in the entire City B. He had been surrounded by beautiful women since he was a child. It could be said that he had met all kinds of women. How would Violet who was like a fragile flower be his type?

As people believed, she believed that the reason why Terence would marry Violet was just temporary. They all believed that he just want to marry her out of his desire of pursuing the novelty. Although she didn't think that they would get a happy ending, yet, there was no denying that Terence had changed.

Since when did this playboy young master learn to be gentle and worry about a woman? And it was all because of Violet.

But even with all his changes at this moment, she still didn't believe that Terence

Violet had listened to her words, but at least she nodded with a smile.

"Yes." Violet returned to her usual cool self, as if she had been persuaded by Isla.

Isla stood up as she breathed a sigh of relief.

"I'm glad that you're fine. I'll be with you tonight. "

She feared that Terence's wife that he had gone through all the difficulties to get to him was scared away by her a few words. At that time, not only Terence, the whole Gu family would not spare her. Right now, she wanted to go and ask Terence what was his thought of Violet.

If he couldn't make her happy, he might as well give up her earlier.

The room fell into silence after Isla left. When a person felt bored, she would become suspicious. The open-minded and carefree Violet began to fall into a dead end.

What happened last night convinced her that they were getting farther and farther away from each other.

After staying at home for the whole morning, Violet had thought about it for the whole morning. But when she thought of it, her head was aching like hell and she couldn't think of anything else. Just as she had nothing to do, she received a call from Sheryl.

"Sister Violet, I get promoted!"

Sheryl was as lively and energetic as ever. Her cheerful tone made people in a good mood.

A few days ago, she took part in a pageant contest. She overcame all the difficulties in her way and made her ways to the top ten. And next was a competition in which two of the ten candidate would be knocked out which Sheryl won again.

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