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   Chapter 117 A Golden Bulge

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7443

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Although Violet didn't go to Isla's home, Isla came as she heard the news. Forced by Isla, Jordan spilled the beans about Violet's missing. He said that Violet was fine, but no matter what he said, Isla wanted to see it with her own eyes.

Terence hadn't told anyone about it. If Isla went to find Violet, he would be exposed. They would knew that it was him who revealed the news. Unable to change Isla's mind, Jordan had to drive her himself to visit Violet. They had been trembling with fear along the way, fearing that they would meet Terence.

Fortunately, when she opened the door, she saw a smiling face of Violet, but they didn't see Terence behind her.

"Is it Joyce again?" As soon as Isla entered the room, she saw Violet was safe and sound. So she made her point directly.

Jordan was still carefully looking for Terence. He was remorseful in his heart that he failed to control his mouth.

"Terence is out for business, he will not be home these days," Violet comforted him as she knew he was worried about it.

Feeling a little embarrassed, Jordan scratched his head and explained, "I just want to make sure if it is safe here." Then he sat beside Isla and didn't dare to look around.

"He is just a Terence. If he dare to bully my sister, I would also punch him." Isla didn't care whether it was Terence or anybody else. She would make sure that Violet was not wronged.

Terence was at most her 'gold mine'. She could earn the money elsewhere anyway. It was not that big deal. But she had a life-long friendship with Violet, and she would never meet such a person in her life.

Isla understood what was more important in front of big trouble.

"Yes, yes. You're the best." Jordan smiled helplessly. He could do nothing. If there was really anything happened, he would definitely stand by Isla's side. But wasn't everything fine now? It was meaningless to say that.

Despite his dissatisfaction, he pretended to be harmonious with them.

Isla stared at him and said with irritation, "Get out of here! Don't bother our small talks. Go away. " Isla's temper grew. On the contrary, Jordan had no temper at all. He hurriedly stood up and walked outside, saying, "Be careful. I'll wait for you outsi

bastard? "

She didn't want to be misunderstood by Violet, so her harsh words had already dispelled her doubts. Violet helplessly patted her and said, "You are a mother now. Could you please be kinder when you say something?"

Isla said carelessly, "Forget about it. The baby is a total surprise. I haven't decided what should I deal with it."

It was too sudden for Isla to believe it. Besides, she was so busy now. How could she have a baby?

After hearing this, Violet knew that she had a plan, so she hurried to persuade her, "Deal with it? If you dare to overthink about it, the baby's father must be the first person who won't let you go with it. What's more, are you willing to do that?" Isla was like a strong woman, but there was a little girl in her heart for every tough looking woman.

She has a soft side too. Besides, in the opinion of Violet, Isla might still have feelings for Jordan.

She knew Isla very well. She would definitely protect herself well if she didn't love him at all. She would rather die than be taken advantage of, let alone get pregnant accidentally.

Isla was quite annoyed by this. Seeing that Violet was gossiping about it, she became angry and asked, "I said I haven't made up my mind. What about you? What happened last night? "

They were close to each other. All the things about Violet's being kidnapped, as well as Michiko, were shared with Isla. Of course, the words of the man who had kidnapped her said were also included.

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