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   Chapter 115 His Wife Was Still His Wife

Edge of Desire By Qing Yi Characters: 7104

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Since he had nowhere to hide, Annus asked for his permission boldly. He tried to look happy, pretending not to hear anything.

As soon as she saw Annus, Jasmine sat down on the sofa. If Annus knew this, then all members of Gu family would know it. Jasmine stared at Joyce fiercely so that no one dared to look up.

"Take her away." Terence ordered.

"Yes, President Gu." Annus was a good executive. He put the ticket on the table, grabbed Joyce's arm and walked out.

The reason why Joyce revealed such a secret was that she could advance and retreat together with Jasmine. If Jasmine left, no one could tell what would happen in the future. So Joyce struggled as hard as she could. She was not afraid of being known by anyone. She was afraid that people did not know that she had been secretly killed by Terence.

"Terence, you can't do this to me. I'm from the Xiao family. I have to meet my grandparents. I... " Joyce brandished her fist, showing the brutal image. But before she could wave a few times, Annus hit her on the back neck. Her whole body became as soft as soft noodles.

Annus hurried to hold her. He glanced at Terence who was still looking at him and then explained, "It's quieter."

Of course, Terence had no objection to Annus's clever response. As for Jasmine, she had her own business to worry about. As for the one who had just exposed her secret, she could only be angry, let alone care about it. She might think the hit given by Annus was not enough.

Annus left with Joyce, and there were only Jasmine and Terence left in the room.

"When did it happen?" Staring at Jasmine, Terence asked with concern for the first time since he entered the room for such a long time.

Jasmine didn't plan to talk about it. Just as Joyce said, divorce was no big deal. She could support herself. But now, she had the desire to talk to him.

She began to believe that her brother was able to protect her.

"Last time I went home is to complete the formalities. I came here to get a certificate and then I will divorce him." Jasmine said indifferently. It was the first time that she had

erence. As a woman, she knew another woman. Although women's emotion was simple, her paying was limited.

Terence dazed. He looked at the coffee table, but as if he saw through of it and watched the image of a person.

Jasmine retorted, "Terence, have you felt her love? Whether a woman likes a man or not, a man can understand it very clearly. I just felt that she had no feelings for you. I can't deny that I have hurt her. That's because she doesn't love you. "

Her words hit the nail on the head, and there was a loophole in their relationship. That was exactly what Terence didn't know. Terence's attitude towards love was very simple. Before he met with Violet, the so-called "love" of him was just a money transaction. Since knowing Violet, he just wanted to give her the best.

It could be said that he was a green hand in love and he had never loved anyone.

It was his first experience that he also had many puzzles, but he was just a person who didn't want to show his feelings to others. He was only on his instinct. He only felt comfortable with his marriage, but forgot how Violet felt.

Jasmine's words silenced Terence. Since their first meeting, he had thought a lot. What Jasmine said was reasonable, but he knew one thing clearly.

He loved her. He loved Violet.

Very much, very much.

Even if she cheated on him, he would kill the paramour, and his wife was still his wife.

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